I just got back from Washington DC where I was a humorist/motivational speaker for the huge Northrop Grumman.

They were having a leadership conference for a bunch of their hand-picked middle and upper managers and wanted to make sure that their conference was a positive experience. Way positive.

It was a total blast… and in many ways this client used me in a way that I wish more corporate clients would use me; Northrop Grumman used me to make sure their investment in this corporate convention was a success.

Here’s my confession: years ago, when I first started working this comedian/motivational speaker thing, I used to question the value of making a corporate group laugh. (Which was in many ways all I thought I was doing.)

But through experience (tons of experience), I see that folks crave a break from their stressful lives. And during conventions where there is a TON of high-content learning, having an outsider come in to poke fun at their problems, their stresses, and then give them a bit of perspective on how to lighten is a lot more than a luxury…. it’s nearly a necessity. Folks just plain cannot take in all that learning. And considering the incredible investment these groups make to bring their people in from all over the country, put them up, take them out of the work force, feed them….and on and on… bringing in a humorist motivational speaker is a bit of insurance that they won’t overload.

Well…. in any case…. I had a blast with Northrup Grumman.

And if you check out this video of the meeting planner (a wonderful woman named L. Cassidy) it seems that I wasn’t alone.

Learn more about what I spoke about here.

Thanks Northrup Grumman!

Brad Montgomery
Humorist Speaker, Motivational Comedian Speaker, Fan of Washington DC!

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