One of my comedy pals and fellow comedian speakers is Mark Mayfield. I’ve known him for years when we first met at a speakers bureau showcase. Mark’s a clean and talented comedian speaker, based in Kansas City.
Yesterday I talked with Mark as he was on his way to a date in Illinois he was dreading, due to his fear that the production, sound, staging and other AV set up would be messed up. When I asked how it went. Check out this hilarious rant:

The Pavilion bordered by the city swimming pool and little league ball park was a mecca of activity. Because of the heat, they brought in these fans on steroids that sounded like a 747. There were 4 of them. When you’re really hot, it always helps to have more extra hot air blowing directly on you. Between the fans and the cheering of the game and the 20 kids playing Marco Polo, the profusely sweating crowd managed to hear about one out of five words I said. Of course I couldn’t really tell from where I was on the stage because I was about 50 feet in front of them and there may have been some laughter drowned out by the roar of the equipment. If I tried to get closer to the audience I got in front of the speakers which had been supplied by a guy who played in a local country band and had recently purchased them “from the city” (don’t know which one, must have been the city with the “speaker store”). I managed to maintain my focus by watching the guy with the Frisbee dog play catch right beyond the audience. They were both very good. The 40 minute set didn’t seem like it lasted more than a three hour hemorrhoid surgery without anesthesia, so it went by very fast. The temperature on stage was a cool 93 with about 80% humidity and I didn’t sweat any more than you normally do when you run a marathon at the equator. Most of the real entertainment was brought about by the Japanese beetles which had infested the area and dive bombed the audience throughout the night. Everyone knows that repeated yelps and swatting always adds to a show. Fortunately, everyone had already eaten their mystery steak sandwich and melted ice cream so they were content. I’m only hoping I get another gig this good real soon. I’m on top of the world. But guess what, they paid on site and the check is already in the bank. I’m such a whore.

What’s my point? I have two:1. Mark Mayfield is a very funny fellow, and a good writer. (I love his chapter in my book Humor Me: America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter.

2. If you are booking a funny motivational speaker or clean corporate comedian, spend the time and the money on the Audio Visual needs. You’ve invested in your speaker; protect your investment by insuring that they can see him and hear him. Check out my AV requirements here.


Brad Montgomery
Comedian Keynote & Motivational Speaker, Humorist, Fan of Mark Mayfield

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