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 If you are hosting a virtual conference or meeting, or simply want to ramp up an existing meeting, motivational keynote speaker Brad Montgomery has a great solution to increase engagement:  allow him to interview your presenters.

Brad is a seasoned interviewer, an experienced host and emcee, and is a very funny speaker. He’ll interview your presenters — leaders, top performers, or really ANYBODY who has information they need to spread to your team — in a way that makes the learning fun, keeps the energy on high, and makes your presenters look like a million bucks.

Yes Brad is funny.  Yes he has a knack for keeping the energy going through the interview.  And yes he is a great listener who really knows the power of a good follow up question.  But also there is just the fact that having a seasoned presenter just “handle” the session can make things run really smoothly.  Plus, did we mention he is funny?

Your audience will love him because he keeps the fun meter on high.  You will love him because he facilities an exchange of ideas that makes sure your meeting checks all the right boxes and execute a genuinely successful online event.  

But let’s talk about your presenters;  they’ll LOVE working with Brad.  Brad will walk them through their talking points, join in when needed, and ask follow up questions to clarify.  He’ll make sure you look great in front of the virtual Zoom audience.  But best of all, he’ll help humanize the session.  He’s a pro at getting his interviewees to relax. To smile. And to look their very best.

Looking to make sure your virtual meeting doesn’t go stale?  Want to make sure people are actually engaged, and not just checking their email?  Want to make sure your presenters look awesome at the meeting?  Call us today and we’ll talk about having Brad join your meeting as an interviewer. 

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Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Bio of an Online Virtual Motivational Speaker

Online Virtual speaker Brad Montgomery is an award-winning speaker.   He speaks to audiences across the globe (and across the USA), and is based in Denver, Colorado.

Although he speaks to audiences in nearly every industry, he is known as a funny health care speaker, a education speaker for teachers, a real estate speaker, and a sales speaker.   He got his start as a magician & comedian, but now is known almost exclusively as keynote speaker.

Brad primarily USED to speak in person.  He still loves a live, in person audience, but he has taken this transition to virtual very seriously. He now owns a fancy video studio, a ton of hardware and software he didn’t even know existed two years ago, and is ready to share is countless hours of online presentation experience with you and your organization.  Give us a call and we’ll figure out a way to get your meeting to where it deserves to be.

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