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One of the great surprises from the pandemic for me was understanding that pre-recorded presentations could sometimes be the very best solution. It was a surprise to me because pre-recorded is the opposite of everything I believe in regarding on stage funny motivational speeches. On stage I pride myself in being in the moment, very authentic, and well… Live and in person.

But we’ve all learned a lot since then, haven’t we? There are dozens of reasons why sometimes pre-recorded is the best option. Perhaps it’s because the technology. Or the audience size is massive. Or having the flexibility of being able to “play” my presentations whenever the client needs them means pre-recorded is best.

Pre-recorded also improves some of our options regarding the deliverable. I have a pretty snazzy studio with some crazy fancy software that allows me to do some pretty cool video tricks in a live presentation. But we can really step it up if it’s pre-recorded. Multiple camera angles. More editing and titles. Sound effects and music. I’m not going for George Lucas style Hollywood, but the improvement in the visuals is pretty insane and awesome.

So to that end I provide pre-recorded key notes and TED style short format talks to clients around the world.


When characteristic of these pre-recorded seynote is that they are still fully customized. Your audience will know I am talking about them, to them, and a video created for them. It doesn’t feel like we’re just flopping in a recording willy-nilly. We’re playing a program created specifically for them and they will know it.


Another pleasant surprise of the pandemic is that we learned meeting planners can benefit by owning one of my pre-recorded keynotes with the intention to not use it. Basically they have me cut up ready in case something goes wrong. Perhaps a different speaker didn’t show up? There is a technical glitch? It doesn’t take much imagination to get all of the technical problems I can really screw up a meeting. So having one or more of my programs ready to rock since my meeting planners and clients at ease. No matter what they know the meeting is going to be great because they have insurance. They have one of my keynotes cued up and ready.

Pre-recorded online key notes or one of my favorite options. I never would’ve seen this coming but it’s been really wonderful. And I’m psyched and proud to tell you that my clients really have found extreme value in his pre-recorded presentations, and audiences lab them up like catnip!

Give us a call and we’ll talk about other online virtual options for your Zoom meeting.

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