How do you keep your online virtual meeting from falling flat, losing energy, and generally earning bad reviews?  One of the easiest things you can do is to hire a virtual online emcee and master of ceremonies.  Enter Brad Montgomery.

As a skilled corporate master of ceremonies and emcee, Brad knows how to connect with your audience, how to set the tone and keep the energy on high. He serves as a “Content Weaver” connecting the dots between sessions.  He adds humor, levity and fun.  And he’ll not only set your presenters up for success… He’ll make them feel comfortable both before and after their presentation.

Some clients use Brad as an online motivational speaker, and have him stay on as the face of the meeting or conference.  Others have him just do one or the other.  No matter what you need, Brad Montgomery can help your online meeting or convention better serve you attendees.

TAKE YOUR VIRTUAL Meeting to the Next Level with a Funny Pro

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Online Motivational Speaker

Virtual Emcee and Master of Ceremonies

Virtual meetings and events are here to stay — at least in some form.   And just as your audience has become more sophisticated and grown to expect more, Brad has also grown.

He’s invested heavily both in the technical side of being a virtual host but also in the creative side.  Just as you have learned and adapted since the Pandemic, so too has Brad.

In his case, great change has inspired REALLY COOL and extreme change.  He’s learned how to take the fun and energy he used to deliver only to live audiences and deliver it online and virtually through the camera.

Brad Montgomery is a pro.   He didn’t start this game because of the pandemic.  He has been a very funny motivational speaker, and experienced emcee and host for years.  He’s good with audiences.  Period.  He’s paid his dues.  He’s learned his craft.  And that means you have a short cut to success.

He is a member of the CPAE Speaker’s Hall of Fame;  and that’s good for you because it means you can relax;  you have a pro.

And he’s funny. He’s lively.  He’s energetic.  But most of all he’s a warm nice guy, and your people will thank you for having him be the face of your meeting.


Yup.  If you want your meeting to rock you do.

Sure you can have your chief executive do it.  Or Bob from accounting.  But trust us, if you hire a pro your people will thank you.

But best of all, your speakers and leaders will thank you because he’ll make THEM look good.  He’ll set them up correctly.  He’ll energize the audience and prepare them or learning.  And he’ll connect the dots between the speakers during your whole meeting.

This means you can’t afford NOT to have a pro emcee.  You’ve invested heavily in your people, and likewise with your meeting.  Why not make sure you make sure the day runs smoothly, is upbeat and fun, and is something that your people will thank you for?

Brad has honed his skills for decades being the face of the meeting.  He’s a professional keynote motivational speaker for years. And he’s acted as emcee and host for hundreds of events.

This is good news.  You have somebody who has been there and done that.  You know that no matter what, you’re host will have your back, keep things rolling, and make the audience glad they are there.