How Your Online Master of Ceremonies can Help for Zoom Meetings?


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How Does a Virtual Emcee Help? MASTER OF CEREMONIES FOR ZOOM

How do you use a virtual emcee? What value does a virtual master of ceremonies bring to your online meeting or convention? How specifically can you think about the services of virtual MC can provide?

I just had a really interesting meeting with a client and we were talking about exactly these questions. And I realized that I should share these ideas with you.

Before I get to the larger, 35,000 foot view of what an emcee can do virtually, let’s talk about what an emcee can do generally for your big event.

Be the face of the convention

People love consistency, and an emcee helps them feel a greater connection to the meeting as a whole.

Provide energy and humor

During breaks where the emcee appears, a good master of ceremonies will inject that room with more energy and excitement. By giving people “brain breaks” and making them get up, move, and definitely laugh your master of ceremonies helps set the next portion of your meeting up for success. It’s exhausting listening to Talking Heads all day. A master of ceremonies for Zoom will make sure you give your attendees the breaks they are craving.  The final result:  a way more successful meeting.


But not the kind you’re thinking of. Have you ever attended a meeting, either live or virtually, or something did not go wrong? Of course not. It’s part of the business. A professional MC can step in during a technical glitch, when a speaker is late or has a problem, or just generally anytime she or he is needed and gracefully take care of the audience while whatever is broken is getting fixed. If you have a funny master of ceremonies that is ready with his/her own material, you’re ready for the things you can’t predict.

Brad is more than an emcee. He’s a funny motivational speaker, a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, and a comedian and magician.  Why should you care?  It just means that Brad can do everything from stall for 3 minutes while your presenter gets his microphone fixed, to filling in for your online motivational inspirational speaker who suddenly canceled due to illness.

On a lucky day you and your virtual emcee won’t have to use any of this “insurance material,” but you will sleep better knowing you have that ace in your pocket.

Content Weaving.

A good MC Will help with the content all the way through the program. This means she will help connect the information coming from each speaker and each presentation to the larger themes of the conference. Saying something as simple as, “Did you notice that Dr. Smith just reiterated what we heard from the general session… And he added the scientific background to everything we’ve been learning so far. How cool is that!?”  can be extremely powerful and valuable to your attendees.

What Does Brad Do In Addition to these MC basics?  Glad you asked!

• Basic, Straight-forward Host and Emcee.

Introduce (and Outro) each speaker, handle the housekeeping details, and generally be the upbeat, fun and lively face of the event.   As time permits, he will interact with the attendees, joke about the presentations (while always celebrating them), and even do some visual gags and interactive magic tricks.

• Brad Spotlights your Important People

Brad interviews your leaders/presenters/winners (either live or pre-recorded) and digs deep into what makes them special, their talking points, and generally helps “humanize” them.  Looking to avoid the boring, sterile presentation?  Brad can help. 
Imagine Brad doing a quick interview with an award winner.  Brad will keep things light and fun while shining the spotlight on your top performers.
All done with high energy, high touch, warmth and humor.
He helps your people come off as rock stars, while keeping maxing out the engagement.

• Interactivity Virtual Style

Live, magic tricks with your attendees.
Game breaks full of audience participation
These breaks are interactive, feature your people, and help set up the following presenter for success.

• Virtual Networking:  Creating Community

The studies are clear: virtual meeting attendees miss the networking they enjoy in live meetings. Brad has come up with a surprisingly successful way for people to interact with each other virtually, enabling them to build their relationships and their networks. It’s hard for people to connect over a virtual platform:  But Brad has a gift of getting people to open up, establish closer bonds with other attendees, and generally feel like they’ve made a more personal connection to the meeting, the organization, and to other team members.

Have questions?  Want to talk about how specifically Brad — as your virtual emcee — can help you make your virtual meeting a fantastic success? Do you want to receive high-fives and accolades from your peers and your attendees about how well the conference was run?  Wouldn’t it be cool if you got tons of comments such as, “Where did you find Brad? He was perfect. Thank you.”

Brad’s here to help. Call us and we’ll talk about how Brad can partner with you to rock your next event. 303.691.0726
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