A Good Introduction For Your Keynote Speaker Sets The Stage For a Successful Event

We now present the second in a series of articles about: How to work with your motivational keynote speaker to get the most from your conference investment.

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Brad Montgomery,
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For those folks who would rather read than watch, here’s the transcript:

Hey, it’s Brad Montgomery with another idea how to deal with, how to work with motivational speakers. Today’s video is about introductions. It’s your job to introduce your speaker, and I want you to take that job seriously.

All right, so what do I mean? Introductions are crucial for a motivational speaker, and the reason why is because that’s the chance the audience has to size up the speaker before your speaker comes on the stage. And as you know, the first 30, 60, 90 seconds that your speaker is onstage are crucial. That’s when your audience is judging and really evaluating your speaker. And if you can give them sort of a head start, which you can with a good introduction, you’re really making a great choice. You’re really doing the right thing.

Ask Your Speaker For An Introduction You Can Use

So how do you do this? It’s easy. All you have to do is ask your speaker, “What do I need to do for your introduction?” And by the way, if your speaker doesn’t have a clue about that, you’ve chosen the wrong speaker. I’m a speaker. I want to be your guy.

Let me tell you about my introduction. I’ve got an introduction that’s been honed, you know, over a thousand presentations. It’s funny, it’s concise, it’s relevant, it gets the audience excited. It’s easy to read for my clients or the CEO, whoever’s reading it. It’s a great introduction. All you have to do is ask me for the introduction, to ask me a couple questions about “How do you want me to deliver this,” and I’ll make it easy for you to do a great job. So if your speaker doesn’t have that stuff, you know you’ve chosen the wrong speaker.

As a little appendix, a little addendum, one more idea, do the stuff your speaker asks.  So let me give you an example. I’ve got this introduction that, again, it just works. I’ve done it so much it works. I know it works because I’ve done it so much. You want me to do something that’s good, so I’ll give you the thing.

But then many times my clients will end up adding a little quip, add a little aside, add a little joke, they’ll interrupt, they’ll comment upon the introduction, you know.  They’ll comment upon the phrase they just read.  It doesn’t work.  What it does is it takes a completely honed tight piece – and that’s really what it is.  My introduction, it’s shtick.  It’s funny, it gets the audience ready.  They take this piece of shtick and they completely trash it.  So don’t do that.

Ask your speaker what they want. If they give you something, read it, do whatever else they ask and get off stage. And enjoy what you’ve bought. Watch your audience be transformed.

All right, you know, I hope you know that I would love to be your guy. I would love to be your motivational speaker.

Give us a call.  You can reach us through bradmontgomery.com.

We’ll send you the introduction. We’ll tell you all you want to know about introductions, and we’ll make sure that your experience is fun, meaningful, valuable and fun. Did I mention fun? I think it ought to be fun. Thanks for your time. Make it a great day.