Am I Still In Business? (Motivational speaker during a pandemic?)

So, How’s My Business?

A past client just sent me the kindest email asking me how I’m doing. How’s my business? How am I doing personally with the pandemic? She worried that I wasn’t able to do my motivational speaker thing because of quarantines and shutdowns and whatnot.

First of all it made me feel great. Thanks Marlene! But I thought I’d answer her question by answering it in this blog.

The first thing that happened with the shut down for me was the same as for so many people across the planet. I was instantly unemployed. My calendar was wiped out, my clients canceled or indefinitely postponed, and I was looking at a big goose egg.

I ain’t gonna lie, it was pretty rough. I went through several dozen stages of grief including a few that nobody’s ever heard of. Bourbon anyone? But am happy to report that things are starting to look downright fine. Good even. Dare I even say great?  Nah…fine is probably closer to the truth.

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After I got over the shock of losing all of my business and having the phones totally stop ringing, I started going through about 29 Stages Of Grief. (Seemed a bit excessive to see, too.) 

I had never before looked at such dreary job prospects.   

Eventually my wife got me good: 

“You know how you’ve been talking to organizations for years who are struggling with change? How you teach them change management skills?” she asked.


“Maybe it’s time you start using that same advice on yourself.”

Score one for my wife.   

So now I had some questions;

1. Did I want to take my presentations online to the virtual world?

2. Did I have the technology in which to make the transition from in person to virtually? Was that an issue?

3. Could I deliver the same top-notch quality online presentations as I had become known for doing live?

I started looking for answers.

First was did I want to move online? Yes and no. Yes I still wanted to serve and to make a difference. Yes I wanted to stay relevant. But only if I could work out the second and third questions about Tech and Quality. 

Second was the tech. I already owned a ton of lights, a couple of fancy cameras, and had a studio in my basement I’ve been using for video. But to make it STREAMABLE meant more investments, and way more time to learn how to do it.

Result?  Check!  Got it done. I’ve got a sweet set up that looks great on Zoom, WebEx, and the like. 

The third question was about quality: would my online motivational speaker presentations be as high-quality as my live, in-person presentations. And I’m proud to say that I’m there.    

To be totally honest, I still believe that there is magic to live and in person meetings. When I get 500 people rocking at the same time in the same room using the same words the result can be magic. And I personally have never been moved emotionally through a screen the same way I have at a live event. Maybe an exact parody is impossible.

I decided to measure things differently. I’m proud of my status as a Hall of Fame speaker. Very few people on the planet can hold a business audience and move them from point a to point B as I can. 

Although my virtual presentations are not as powerful as my live presentations, I’m very proud to say that my virtual presentations are better than 99% of the other virtual presentations out there. The medium as a whole is flawed. But as far as this medium goes, I am able to deliver in a big way and I’m proud of that fact.

Which Brings Us to You.

I’d love your help. If you feel your team could use a pep talk, I want you to think of me. If you feel that investing in your people in a time of uncertainty, change, and confusion would be helpful to your long-term growth and success, I want you to think of me. And if you feel your Zoom meetings are lacking a certain “Umph,” I’d like you to think of me.    

And a favor?  Help me spread the word;  my kids need new shoes. THANKS!!!

Check out the preview video for my online motivational speaker presentations here:

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