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Brilliant Uber Driver

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During my travels as a professional motivational speaker, I get to meet people from all walks of life.  And often times I find pearls of wisdom from the most unlikely sources.

Let me give you an example.  Here’s what happened on a recent Uber ride on my way to speak at an event in Connecticut.  I get in the car and the guy starts laying out all kinds of snacks…he had a cooler with drinks, and an assortment of food just like a convenience store.

I didn’t want any snacks, but I did want to know what was up with this guy.  So I asked him and he gave me the most unexpected answer.

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Awesome Wisdom

He said, “Find out who your people are, and then give them what they want”.  Boom!  How cool is that!?

This advice is relevant to us all.  It doesn’t matter what your job is, or what you want in your life.  Whether you are striving for better relationships socially, or better connections in your job, or a better bottom line in your business, this wisdom is some right on target.

Find out who your people are and give them what they want.  Whether you’re in sales, leadership, customer service, administration,  IT or healthcare the basic truth is that you are still offering service to others.   

Take A Step Back

Yes, business is complicated, and this wisdom is over simplification.  All those complexities that are part of our daily professional lives are real. BUT, when we take a step back and look at business in a simplified manner it can have a greater effect than you might think. 

Simple Service

The simple advice offered by my Uber driver is so powerful because it has such a great impact. The bottom line is service. Are you serving your people and giving them what they want?

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You Are My People!

You are my people! And my job is to give you what you want so you can be more successful at your job and in your relationships. I’d love to be of service to your people or your group.

Brad Montgomery always gives clients what they want with customized speeches that deliver impact and drive change. Brad engages and empowers audiences with interactive keynote speeches, expanded keynotes, and thought provoking breakout sessions. Contact us today to find out how your company can benefit from Brad’s wisdom.

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