I spoke with a client today who wants me do BOTH their after-dinner banquet entertainment, and then stay and do the closing motivational humor keynote.

It was funny… I found myself giving her a short course on something she already knew: that using a single speaker to fulfill more than one of the conference’s needs makes sense. It saves money. And it creates a really special bond between that the audience and that speaker.

Let me explain: First of all, for this particular group, I’ll be offer to give them a huge break on the second program. (After all, I’ll already be there, and it easy to give that sort of discount.) Second, It is really fun to make points the night before, and then be able to follow up on them the following day. It’s fun for me; and it’s awesome for the audience… those sort of references (which comedians call ‘call-backs’) are really funny.

Finally… and this point is more subtle… because the second time I am in front of the audience, they have already come to know and trust me. They have already accepted that I’m funny, that I don’t embarrass folks, and that I apparently know what I’m talking about. (Ha!) Because our “relationship” is already there, I can get started with the message and point of the program right away. Because I don’t have to spend the first few minutes getting the audience to trust and accept me, we can get right to the meat. In other words, because the audience already knows me from our first program, the second program is much valuable than it would have been otherwise.

Two programs in one convention with the same speaker? You bet! Saves money. Creates a special type of humor. And in the end creates more value.

Think your convention could use the same speaker in more than one “slot?” Check out my topics here!

Brad Montgomery
Speaker, Humorist, Keynoter

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