I had two flights in a row cancel on me trying to get out from my funny motivational speech to the Air Force in Florida. It’s easy to get grumpy when that happens. In fact, it is hard not to spiral down in to a pit of misery. : )

But it is even harder when you are surrounded by negative people. There were dozens of angry people… people who had missed important meetings. People who thought Northwest Airlines was out to get them. People who were angry because. this… and that… and…. and….

Usually, I can just physically leave these people. But when you are all crammed into a tiny airport waiting to hear announcements it is pretty hard to do blow them off.

I tried something that made me feel better: I actually got out my pen and wrote a list of things that I was thankful for RIGHT NOW. (Yes, I did feel like a bit of a geek, but hey! What else is new?)
I am healthy.
I have enough money to buy food.
I have a great book with me that I just started… and probably won’t finish even with these long delays
I have a great job. Yes I hate these delays… who doesn’t? But at least I love my job.

(Yes, I did feel like I was in the middle of a Chicken Soup for the Soul book.) Still, I gotta say it did make me feel better… A little.

But then, about 35 min. later something cool happened: a woman from the Air Force recognized me from the keynote speech and came to thank me. And to tell me that my message of hope meant a bunch to her. And that she hadn’t laughed so hard in way-too-long.

Yup, life gets hard. And if you travel… some days are downright yucky. But I still love my job. I l0ve being a comedian. I love being a motivational speaker.

(But I don’t still don’t like Northwest Airlines much. :)

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