Check out this photo of this tourist….(I don’t know who he is… do you?) He took the time to have some fun… Results?
humor in the work place
1. He got his photo sent around the internet!
2. (Even Better.) He had fun. I bet there was NO way that, while he was “creating” this photo, he was focused on his jet lag, the fact that his feet hurt, that his plane the day before was 87 minutes late, etc.

My point: you can’t be playful and stressed-out/ticked-off at the same time. You just can’t.

What we should do? Be more playful. This is a goofy picture, but I think the guy is pretty smart.

What do you think? Is taking the time to be playful worth it?

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Brad Montgomery
Humor in the Workplace Seminar Leader, Sometimes Tourist

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