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What is an Online Motivational Speaker?

If you’re looking for an online motivational speaker for your meeting or convention, lucky you, you’ve found the right speaker. Brad Montgomery is a proven, guaranteed and award-winning speaker who delivers motivational business keynotes for association, corporate, healthcare, government and military audiences.

He is available to deliver these funny motivational programs virtually.

For hundreds of reasons some groups cannot get together for a live meeting. Scheduling, finances, logistics, expense, or even a pandemic can prevent you from doing what you really want — to meet live and in-person.

But just because you can’t have your first choice doesn’t mean your second choice can’t be meaningful, relevant, and uber-helpful. Virtual presenters can do all of the things that a live presenter can do… Without the downside of an in-person meeting.

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Your Teams Still Need Motivation

Here’s the thing: way too many of your people know exactly what they should be doing but aren’t performing at the level you know they could. They have the training. They have the skills. But they still aren’t meeting their potential. What’s missing? Motivation. Enter Brad Montgomery.

Brad’s down-to-earth business wisdom coupled with his natural and authentic humor create a motivational program that your team will thank you for arranging. He’s not rah rah and campy. He’s not canned and boring. He’s the real deal. He speaks from the heart. He speaks from experience. And his programs are backed with science.

Online Speaker
Online Motivational Speaker
Online Motivational Speaker | Funny Zoom Meetings, Webinars, Conventions

You Don’t Have to Settle for a Mediocre Online Speaker

Brad has been inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame.  (Yes, it’s real.)   It’s a big deal…like winning the Indy 500 or an Oscar…just without the fumes or movie stars.  And he’s a total pro delivering the same dynamic keynotes that he more typically delivers on stage.

He also has earned his Certified Speaking Professional designation, the highest earned honor from the National Speakers Association.

What does this mean for you?  It means he’s proven. Guaranteed.  It means you’ve found the right virtual motivational speaker.

What Do I Need to Know About Having a Virtual Professional Keynote Speaker?

Not much. The first thing is to call us and let us brainstorm with you the best way to be of service to your audience or team. He’d be surprised how straightforward the whole process is. Call us, tell us what you want, and allow us to blow you away.

Generally speaking Brad’s clients host the technology. WebEx or similar. But if you want help sorting out the choices and executing the technology our office is available for that type of help as well.

Online Virtual Speaker

Interactive Online Speaker? You Bet!

In live face-to-face meetings interactivity is crucial when it comes to hiring a top motivational speaker.  The same fact is true for virtual presenters. Brad has specific and creative ideas about how to involve your entire audience even when they are alone in their home offices with their line muted. Admittedly things are not as perfect as an in person meeting. But Brad is able to come close to the energy and excitement of a live presentation as your online motivational speaker. Give us a call and let’s talk about customizing an event for you.

Are In Person Meetings Better than Virtual Meetings?

Yeah. Probably. You wouldn’t believe us if we said otherwise. But the real world often dictates its terms to us. When live meetings are not possible or practical, we move things online. Although there are a couple of admitted handicaps, a good presenter is still a good presenter. A dynamic speaker is still able to create energy, enthusiasm, and most importantly to make people think in a way that helps them be better, do better, and perform better.

Online Motivational Speaker
Online Motivational Speaker
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Your People Are Your Most Precious Resource

When the world offers us challenges it’s easy to want to shut things down. And historically, investing in our people is one of the first things we cut. This is a huge mistake. Your people are overwhelmed, nervous, and dealing with challenges both within their jobs and generally in life. They need someone to help make sense of what’s happening and to better get a handle on what they already know.

In order to perform at their best, they need encouragement. They need coaching. They need a good old-fashioned dose of meaningful motivation. They need Brad Montgomery.

Brad Montgomery is an online motivational speaker who speaks to the people side of business. He helps organizations of all types by emphasizing people skills to help improve performance and bottom-line results. If you’re presenting in a webinar format, a Zoom call with your top performers, or even an old-school tele-seminar, Brad Montgomery is your guy. Give us a call today to talk about how we can virtually create an experience that will help your folks get to their very best.  

Partial Menu Of Brad's Virtual Offerings

Virtual Speaker Offerings

The Full Monty. (Virtual Motivational Keynote)

This is the best, coolest, most-amazing VIRTUAL version of Brad’s live keynote.  Advanced technology, customized for your organization content, and some wiz-bang interactivity makes this online presentation valuable, meaningful, and ridiculously entertaining.

Brad took all the energy and fun of his in-person keynotes, added some REALLY cool technology and video to make this virtual program stand out.

30-90 min.   (Need more or less time?  Let’s talk!)

The Full Monty is Brad’s most impactful presentation.  If you want the best of Brad, this is it!

Brad Boost. Think TED talk, only more interactive and fun. 

Does your Zoom feel more like Doom?

Quick, dirty, easy-peasy.  

A Pick-Me-Up Pep Talk from Brad! Your peeps are grumpy, overwhelmed, discouraged and uninspired…and Brad can help.  He’ll cheer your people (back) up, inspire them to keep pushing forward, make them laugh with stories and some really clever interactivity.   Yes, interactivity. 
• Business Message. (Social & Emotional Support as it Relates to Increased Performance)

• Interactive
• Upbeat and Entertaining. 

• Valuable bottom-line message for increased engagement, productivity and performance.

15-25 min.  Live.  

Lunch, Learn and Live-Stream

An informal offering where Brad offers motivation, interaction, and humor.  If your team is overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted, this might be just the thing.

• Interaction and interactivity on high.  Your group will be amazed as Brad “works the room,” makes people smile, answers questions, encourages them…and even does a KILLER magic trick(s).

20-60 min.   Live.

Brad On Demand. Pre-Recorded Videos

Would having short, fun, upbeat videos with a business message about bottom-line growth help energize your virtual meeting?   We think so too.  And we know your audience would love it.

Brad offers:

2-4 minute pep talks.  See an example here:  Science of Happiness Tip.

5 min. Comedy recorded before a live audience.   (Perfect to play as people are joining the meeting;  like a warm up act!)

8-12 min Stories-With-A-Point.    Everybody loves a good old-fashioned Once Upon a Time.  But when they illustrate business wisdom, backed by science they’ll be learning without even noticing.  The virtual motivational speaker stories with a point teach and illustrate Brad’s take on how Social & Emotional Support Boost Performance — and bottom-line growth.

30-55 min Full Recorded Keynotes just to have on hand.  Have an emergency?  Speaker didn’t show?  Presenter having tech issues?  Wish you had insurance?  Now you do.  Keep Brad’s keynote at the ready and use it when needed.  

Brad Interviews Your Top Peeps. (Think Jimmy Fallon or James Cordon)

Featuring your:

• Leader(s)

• Award Winners

• Top Performers

• New Hires or High Potentials

Doing a virtual conference adds complexity:  Your top people worry about being stiff and uncomfortable.  Your audience worries about Boring Talking Heads.  Brad has the answer:  Brad Interviews Them Live!

In this interview format Brad will make your people look like stars.  He’ll guide them through talking points in a way that feels breezy and light.  He takes the pressure off, adds levity and fun, and allows them to shine. 

Your audience wants pacing, professionalism and entertainment.  But you also need to allow your leadership or star employees to rock like rock stars.  Brad has your back.  Call for details.

See a sample in this preview video.  (To see Brad interview people from epidemiologists to pro football players to United pilots to Conductors, click here.) 

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