Leadership Speaker's Corporate Benefits and Take Aways

Session Benefits, Take-Aways, And Process with a Leadership Speaker

Leadership speaker Brad helps them rediscover their passion.

What Other Leadership Speakers Do: 

Other leadership speakers drown them with statistics and facts about how to change behavior.  Brad doesn’t do that.

What Leadership Speaker Brad Does: 

Gives employees a straight-forward, accessible method (embedded inside a humorous, upbeat, interactive program) to access their passion, commitment and connectedness toward their work. 

Attendees Will Leave With:

  • Improved Engagement, Buy-In & Ownership
  • Understanding (and feeling!) that:
  • What they do is important.
  • They matter.
  • They make a difference to the organization.
  • Fewer Obstacles to Self-Motivation. 
  • Specific concepts they’ll implement immediately. 
  • Increased Productivity, creativity, innovation, loyalty.
  • Improved teamwork, and (internal & external) customer satisfaction.

Business Value of Engagement

Science Based. Not a rah-rah motivational leadership speaker. Brad’s teaching research-backed techniques to improve engagement, which leads to improvement in every business metric.  

Key Concepts:

  •   Leadership
  •   Personal Influence
  •   Workplace Attitude
  •   Purposeful Perspective Shift.
  •   Encouragement & Mentorship
  •   Meaningfulness and Purposefulness 
Happy Audience
Motivational Keynote Speaker Brad Montgomery

“If you have passion you don’t struggle with work, you just do it.  And you do it well.”

        — Brad Montgomery

Brad Montgomery with paper that says "The Case For The Business Value of Happiness at Work."

Funny Speaker for Events
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Not Just Facts & Statistics; Feelings

Your people are not short of information. But they crave a way to make sense of what they already know. This program helps them to feel the excitement & enthusiasm they had when they first got their jobs. They need to feel that they are less overwhelmed.   

They know what to do. As a leadership speaker, Brad appeals to their heart and help find their own motivation to do what they know needs to be done.  

It’s a Fun Program — On Purpose

It doesn’t matter what we tech them if they aren’t listening.  So Brad uses humor, stories, the craziest use of PowerPoint, music and audience interaction to keep them on the front of their chairs and fully engaged.  (They’ll put their phones away — The ultimate test in session engagement. )

Brad’s Leadership Speaker Design

Brad’s pedagogical approach gives them a framework & language about certain methods to change behavior within themselves and within the organization.

He creates a language around valuable concepts they’ll remember and use.  Their behaviors are going to change IMMEDIATELY, as opposed to giving them data and statistics they’ll need to study and understand before they implement. 

For example, Brad teaches Theory of Celebrating Small Wins.  (In insure progress, we need to celebrate progress in steps in steps — because often our larger goals are just too overwhelming to maintain motivation.)   

Here’s how you’ll know it worked:  You’ll hear at the first coffee break, all throughout the conference and beyond, people saying, “Confetti!”  You’ll hear them say, “You’re awesome!”  These phrases are shortcuts to concepts I teach.  And we all know that once you label and articulate the things you want to change, lasting behavior change is possible — even easy.

Brad Montgomery is a funny motivational keynote speaker.  He speaks to audiences in all industries and at all levels (C-Suite to Front Line) about getting more out of themselves and those people around them.  Want to boost up your productivity and internal motivation?  Give this motivational speaker a call.  

If you’re looking for a speaker who can light up your folks in all of the best ways, and have them call YOU the hero of your event, give us a call and let’s talk.

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