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Laugh-O-Nomics™ Happiness & Bottom Line Success

Laugh-O-Nomics 101 — Connecting Happiness At Work to Business Success

What is it?   

According to Webster’s Dictionary “Laugh-O-Nomics” means ……    Ok, you got us— it’s not in the Dictionary.  Yet.

Learn the hows and whys of happiness as it relates to your life and your job.  You’ll learn some of the sciencelaughonomics behind happiness; but even better, you’ll learn some surprisingly simple techniques to incorporate immediately at work and at home that will make you — and your organization — happier.

Whether you’re a front-line employee or a supervisor or a C-Suite leader, you’ll be more effective and productive using happiness as a tool.  You’ll leave with specific action steps that you can incorporate into your work style — and your organization — tomorrow.


Laugh-O-Nomics 201 — What Now?  

Now that you’ve understand Laugh-O-Nomics you crave more details about how to use happiness, levity, lightheartedness, and even humor as tools to excel at work.   This hands-on, get-started-now session will further help you prepare to implement Laugh-O-Nomics at work.

Learn techniques to better relate to your co-workers, run meetings, deal with difficult team members, and more.   Oh… And you’ll have fun.   Because that’s the way we roll.

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