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Motivational Keynote Topics

Thrive At Work: Getting The Most out of Yourself and The People Around You

Brad Montgomery presents a variety of motivational keynotes. But they have commonalities:

Motivational Keynotes by Brad Montgomery

• The science-backed, business value of positive attitude. (Hint: the stats will blow your mind.)

• You have more control over your attitude than you’d guess. (Not a hunch. Backed by science!)

• Techniques & strategies for improving your own outlook toward work (and life).

• Techniques to become an Contagious Encourager

Popular Keynote Topics

Brad’s keynotes are by no means limited to these popular topics. Call us today to discuss how we’ll create the right experience just for you and your audience.


Change Management




Team Building


You Name It — Your Title, Your Topic (What Do Your People Need to Hear?)

Hall of Fame Motivational Speaker Brad Montgomery. Proven. Guaranteed. Relevant and authentic. Totally engaging business speaker.

Fact: Most Meeting Planners Fail to Get the Most Value from Their Motivational Speaker

Clients will ask Brad to do a general session motivational keynote, and then ask, “What else can he do to make this meeting crazy-successful?” We love this question. And Brad loves delivering as much ROI as possible. Options include:

Custom Motivational Keynotes

Master of Ceremonies

Keep the energy on high and weave content throughout the entire meeting; hire Brad to emcee your next meeting.

Breakout Sessions/Concurrent Sessions

Brad can either follow up on the keynote diving deeper into the details, or he can present a new bar related topic.

Follow Up Programs

Cement what you’ve learned by continuing the message after everyone’s gone home. When’s the last time you created lasting behavior change in a single episode without any follow-up resources or courses?

Experiential Learning Segments

Adult learning experts tell us that it’s impossible to sit through an old-fashioned lecture and learn the entire time. We learn best when we are involved and active. Learn more about how Brad has created energy, engagement and excitement through these hands-on learning activities.

Keynotes are the Same For Every Audience, right? WRONG!

Brad listens. Part of his process includes a study of you, your people and you organization. His keynote presentations are specific to your company’s challenges, stresses and accomplishments. By the time Brad hits the platform, he’ll understand your people, their stresses, their joys…and what keeps them up at night. And because he’s done his homework, your people will be blown away. He’s on-target, relevant, and authentically unique.

Too Many Speakers Are Just Mediocre. Brad Montgomery Presents a Exciting Keynote that’s Original, Fast-paced and Relevant. (H2)

Regardless of which topic you choose, it won’t be a canned motivational keynote. Brad’s high-energy, whip-smart presentation will have your people engaged, learning and thinking in new and more productive ways, all of which will improve your business. We know that your people are dealing with change (because we all are). They are doing more with less (because we all are). And we know that the working world isn’t the same for them now as it used to be. (Join the club.) Brad teases out the details of what these universal truths mean to you and your team and gets at the heart of what specifically matters to your people, your bottom line (whether that means dollars, patient satisfaction, or satisfied internal customers).

Keynotes Backed by Science

Brad doesn’t just make this stuff up. He doesn’t talk about rainbows and lollypops. Everything he teaches is backed by science, supported by evidence and delivered with Brad’s special blend of enthusiasm and common sense.

— High-energy, customized, specific take-aways. Totally engaging…they’ll listen to every word.

“Best 90-minute investment in our people ever.” — MillerCoors


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