Top Keynote Speaker on Productivity

A Top Productivity Speaker

The Secret to 25% More Productivity in Your Work Force

Fact: satisfied, engaged, committed people are 25% more productive in their jobs. Motivation, satisfaction and commitment can be taught. They are skills to be learned. Brad Montgomery, one of this country’s top keynote motivational productivity speakers, can teach your workforce the means to be more fully invested in their work, their jobs, their company.

The number is so big is sounds fake. But it’s not. Look up what your company did, made or sold last year…now increase it by 25%. That’s what’s at stake. You can’t afford not to invest in your people.

Science says that people who can take responsibility for their own job satisfaction actually will improve their productivity. Brad can teach your organization simple, yet profound ways to increase employee satisfaction, which will then translate to increased productivity. With Brad’s help your workers will discover the tools necessary to change their attitudes toward working and thus change everything.

Hire a Top Keynote Speaker to Effect Positive Change

Learn how to get the best from yourself and your team by hiring one of the top motivational productivity speakers in the field. Let Brad engage your people and teach them:

How to take responsibility for their own motivation and job satisfaction
How to get 25% more done each day, each week, each year.
How to be a catalyst for positivity. It starts at the top; it starts with them. Brad will show them how to spread the inspiration and motivation. Responsibility for attitude, for action, for productivity is within their means, and Brad has the key.

Let’s Talk about What this Keynote Speaker is NOT

• He’s not a trainer.

Brad Montgomery on Productivity

Brad Montgomery on Productivity

• He won’t talk about to-do lists, Getting Things Done, or how to use Outlook better.

Instead, Brad teaches people how to adopt a positive attitude that translates into higher productivity, greater creativity, innovation, resilience, and way more. He’ll teach skills that your people will use and share. He’ll teach them how to thrive.

A Business Speaker Who Speaks to the People Side of Business

The greatest asset of any business is its people. Taking care of your people means you are taking care of your business. Now you can take care of your people while also increasing productivity at the same time.

Let’s admit it: your people already know what to do and how to do it. But they aren’t doing it as fast or as passionately as you’d like. Why? They lack motivation. Brad is the answer…he’ll teach your people how to be excited about life, and excited about work. He’ll help them get more out of them and those around them.

Brad Montgomery is one of the top keynote speakers in the market today.

Brad Montgomery is one of the top keynote speakers in the market today.

If your people are thriving, your business is thriving.

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