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Proof! Humor can make you healthy.

I had the lucky pleasure of meeting a kind woman named Sandi at Pure Romance training event in Ohio (where I was doing my motivational speakers thing.) Sandy shared with me that she had been going through some tough times; her dad is dying of cancer.

We’ve been in touch with an ongoing discussion about her dad’s amazing sense of humor; and how he has kept up the smiles, laughter, and practical jokes throughout this ordeal.

This latest email from Sandi just blew me away. Check it out…

I am just writing you today to give you an update on my dad and to ask you a question. first the update. My dad is still hanging in there. He is terminal and his time is getting closer. I took a temporary leave of absence from work to help him in his final days.

My dad still has his humor. Today when the hospice nurse was over, she was new and has not been warned about my dad. while doing the regular blood pressure check and things went to look at his tonsils because he said his throat hurt. When he opened his mouth, out came your fake tounge with a nut and bolt in it.

I thought the nurse was going to have a heart attack! She screamed and jumped back. It was hilarus. but the moral to my story is that his blood pressure was a little high before his joke, and after she re took it after and it was normal. Laughter really does help to heal.

I can not thank you enough for doing what you do. You bring laughter to so many people. and I am seeing first hand just how much it really helps. My dad should have been gone a long time ago, but with his “practical jokes” that he plays on everyone, me included, it keeps our spirits up and help us not to loom over what we all know is coming.

There it is! The smoking gun. Proof that humor makes you better.

My point?
This brave man would surely advise the rest of us NOT to wait until we are dying to start to access more humor, laughter and a sense of lightness. If laughter can improve and inspire this man, couldn’t it help us with our (comparitively lame) problems?

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