Why Smiling Can Earn You Money

I was coaching a fellow motivational speaker via video conference when I noticed my client’s most amazing and valuable asset was not his presentation skills, or his polished keynote speech. Nope…his best asset was his easy smile and quick laugh. On our call he laughed dozens of times— and it helped make him charming. It helped make him likable. And it helped make him funny.

You can guess what advice I gave him, right? In his presentations and speeches, he needs to make sure he takes that ready laugh and fun smile with him to the stage.

It took him by surprise…..he’s so professional, and so polished and so rehearsed that he just doesn’t laugh and smile much from the platform. Sure, he can add jokes. Sure funny stories might make his motivational speech funnier and more humorous. But the single most powerful technique….and the single EASIEST technique you can use to improve the humor quotient in your presentation is to smile.

A genuine, warm smile can go a long way?

Are you smiling enough?

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