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To my meeting planners:  I get it.  In know.  I understand.  The risks are high, meeting planners have a lot of skin in the game. But I want you to know, I’ve got your back. Together, we can make this awesome.

How do you strive for more than mediocrity? Share your comments below. Contact us here and we’ll have a chat about how to take your meeting from “Meets expectations and avoids embarrassment” to “Awesome.”

Professional Florida motivational speaker Brad Montgomery inspires and teaches audiences to celebrate small victories with his Embrace Your Awesomeness program. He shares valuable strategies that enable audiences to create the path to lasting behavior change. Brad presents business keynotes to corporate and association audiences from coast to coast. In addition to keynotes and leadership breakouts, Brad also presents a few dozen other cool interactive performances to a myriad of groups.  Give us a call to find out how Brad can best serve your group.