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The New York Times published a wonderful article about Juan Tamariz.  He’s not only Spain’s most celebrated magician, he is considered by many to be the most influential magician in the world.

It’s a nice write up. Juan Tamariz is the bomb;  it’s about time the non-magician English speaking people know about him.

(I’ve never seen Tamariz perform live;  but I’ve seen (and studied) his disciples.  Yeah, he’s that important; he has disciples.)

The New York Times Legitimized the Art of Magic

What we magicians love about this article is that it helps legitimize this art we love so much. So often magicians are the butts of jokes.  (Most of those jokes are funny because there is truth in them. There genuinely are a ton of goofy and horrible magicians.  Ugh.)  If there is a bit part for a magician in a movie or TV show, you can pretty much bet that the magician will be an idiot played for comedy.)

And every magician — trust me, EVERY magician — hates it when we perform some performance piece (that’s fancy-talk for magic trick) that might have taken us months or years to master, which is met with the comment, “Darn, I wish my kids were here. They would like this.”  Um, no.  They wouldn’t.

Yes, there is magic for kids.  Heck, I did hundreds of elementary school assemblies for kids featuring magic for children.). But the serious students of sleight of hand magic know that our art is too subtle and complex for young children to follow and enjoy.

So..back to the NY Times article about this magician.  This article goes into the depth of study magic requires. The amount of time it requires. The subtleties involved. It goes into magic as a performance art.

So.  check out the article.  It’s awesome.  Tamariz is a hero. And next time you see a magician, see if you can detect some of the detailed study involved behind the performance.

Want to see a magician live?  Somebody who will make your group laugh as he creates an experience for them to share?  Give me a call.  I’m your student of Tamariz!

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Here’s Your Transcript!

Fair warning:  it was done by artificial intelligence, and sometimes it’s not so…er…intelligent. ?

Speaker 1

Hey everybody, its Brad Montgomery today is a real good day if you’re a magician and I’ll tell you why the new york times had a piece on Juan Tamariz and this this article was not buried, it was on the front page and it was in their summary newsletter. I get their summary and it was this great piece on this very deep thinking artist leader of magicians.

Tamariz lives in Spain. This guy is such a big deal that people all over the world go, they beg for access to him to go and study with him. He’s such a big deal that there are many stories of people learning spanish in order to learn from Tamariz. And I’ve seen one. I’ve only seen Tamariz on video. I’ve never seen him live, but I’ve seen a ton of his disciples because his style of of magic is is wildly influential.

This guy is just he’s crazy, smart and crazy, clever and we all love him. And seeing this mainstream newspaper give a very complimentary and interesting article about Tamariz was fantastic, why you should ask the reason why, because it helps legitimize this art so often magic is the brunt of a joke. If you see a magician on television almost it is part of a sitcom or movie.

Almost always are played for comic effect and there’s some truth in that because there’s a lot of real goofy magicians, but for the for those of us who study the art and the and it is, it is a performance art, the art of this craft called sleight of hand and magic that never feels complimentary, right? And if you got a bunch of magicians together, which by the way is fun.

You put us around a table drinking beer. Definitely one of the stories that will come up is sometime we’re out doing our craft performing, you know, maybe in a tuxedo and a fancy high end party or something like that. And some yahoo will accidentally insult us by saying something like, oh, I wish my children were here. They would just love this.

Well,  that’s not a compliment. Um, and also, it’s just factually inaccurate. There is such a thing as magic created for Children. Shoot, I had a school assembly program  called the Magic of Books I did in hundreds of elementary schools. So yeah, magic does work for kids, but most magicians are not targeting seven year olds. Most magicians work on this art in order to entertain and fool and create a sense of wonder in adults.

Most of this magic is too subtle and too interesting and too complex for Children to really follow and enjoy. There’s a few exceptions, but mostly that’s the truth. You know, if you, if I’m out performing for a bunch of adults at a corporate party or a wedding or who know, you know, anything or just not with friends. If you bring up a seven year old, they’re, they’re gonna be bored stiff.

It’s just not for them. So, again, seeing this really great complimentary article about quantum arrays, Oh my gosh, so fun and want to marry by the way, The guy is fascinating. I’ve never seen him live, I’ve seen him a lot on video, I’ve studied him, but also you know, I kind of feel like I know Tamariz is because I have seen his disciples and that’s how influential this this guy is, he has disciples.

It is not uncommon to hear stories of people trying to get access to Tamariz.. Is there any way I can go to spain and study with you? I’ve heard stories of people learning Spanish in order to study with want memories, but his books are published in english, so all of us study quantum arrays anyway, anyhow, I hope you are having a good day, I’m having a good day because this, this performance art sleight of hand magic … just got

a little boost. It got a little pat on the back, it got a little from the NY TIMES. Thanks everybody, have a good day. You gotta check out that article. It’s really cool