My wife and I ( and a couple of pals) recently went to the Comedy Works comedy club in Denver, Colorado. We saw what we all agreed were three lame opening stand up comics. My wife was horrified when one stand up comic jumped from telling us about his new baby and his wife to a string of being-with-a-prostitute jokes. (Trust me; the jokes weren’t that funny… and there was no way he could win back my wife with that premise even with the best jokes in the world.) I’m amazed… these entry-level comedians were as blue as could be, but were still not very funny.

(Note to folks who want to know how to become a comedian: clean humor is just as hard as blue humor, but it opens a zillion more doors. As long as you’re investing in the time to learn comedy, you might as well learn comedy that you can use anywhere.)

Writing jokes is hard. Honing a quality comedy set is even harder. Why would new comedians waste time on all of those jokes and premises that prevent them from ever stepping into the corporate comedian or network-TV world? It just baffles me.

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Brad Montgomery
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