It’s watching the audience change from the beginning of the speech to the end of the experience.

Today I spoke for a bunch of social worker types (awesome people!) in Grand Junction, Colorado. These people work hard with out enough money, thanks, or laughs. So my mission (using the word “mission” makes it sound important, huh!) was to come in, make them laugh ’till their sides hurt, and to give them a message of humor and hope.

We started bright and early at 8 AM. (Can you say “caffeine?”) Plus, this is a group that has been hammered. Their work just isn’t that much fun. So the predictable result given the audience and the time was that this group was tired, quite, and subdued.

When I started my comedy motivational speaker thing (heck, even I don’t know what to call it) they were a great audience, but clearly we were starting at the beginning….they were laughing at the right places, nodding at the right times, but they were doing it fairly quietly.

But today was a great example of why I love being a speaker…. because by the end of our 90 minutes together they were animated, laughing VERY loudly, and afterwords that boost of energy was apparent. They were animated, chatty, and bouncy.

I was proud of my work today. I felt like I did a good job. And my reward was seeing the difference in their energy levels from the start to the end. Seeing their arms uncross, their faces light up, and then hearing their laughter is why I have to have one of the best jobs in the world. I know, it sounds like a big cliche’. But heck…. It’s true.

Learn more about the motivational speech I did today in Colorado here.

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  1. Luke Yancey
    Luke Yancey says:

    That’s great you were able to inspire an audience. I had a few great motivational speakers in high school. I still remember them and what their awesome speeches!

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