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Texas Motivational Speaker Goes Batty?

I was recently speaking in Texas and got a chance to see the famous bats in Austin.  Check out this short video I put together for you:


My client was the University of Texas Health Care System.   Happy day… I am going back next month to work for them again.  Think I’ll get to see the bats?

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Brad Montgomery
Texas Speaker, Health Care Speaker, Fan of Bats

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For those of you who prefer to read instead of watch YouTube, here is the transcript:

All right, so it’s Brad Montgomery.  How is this for a day in the life of a motivational speaker?  I’m in Austin, Texas, its 8:30; right there in that bridge, 1.5 million bats.  Bats.  How cool is that, bats are about to fly out.  I don’t know, any second.

But, here’s the day I had.  So I started out, I left my house at 1:00 p.m., (its 8:30).  I just got here, gave the bellman a dollar.  I’m here working for the University of Texas Healthcare Medical System, and I’m late.  I was supposed to be at their big bash, cocktail party tonight, but I missed that because of Frontier Airlines. Pretty typical though, because I think so many people think motivational speakers speak.  What I think we do is travel a lot, and then we speak.

So I’m here now.  Good news, I get to see the bats.  Bad news, I’m here late, but, I get to see bats.  More later.

The bats?   yeah, there’s no bats.  Okay, I’m in the Hyatt now which is pretty groovy.  Let me tell you what happened with the bats, nothing, zilch, 1.5 million bats, I saw four.  I saw four.  Total bust.  So, I was out there for an hour and a half, supposed to be a million and a half bats, a mile long trail of mammals with wings.  What I saw was a million and a half mosquitoes, my legs.  I’m just telling you, I’m going to be scratching tonight.

But, all right, being a motivational speaker is cool.  Being in Austin, Texas is cool.  The bats were a total bust, I’m so bummed.  But, good news, keynote speech in the morning.  So, get a good night’s rest.  It’s kind of hot.  I just came up in the elevator right over there, with a whole bunch of conventioneers.  These are the HR folks from the University of Texas, and they’ve got these little blinky things on, and I think maybe they might have had an adult beverage and they didn’t see the bats.  Oh, I think they were drinking something.  But it’s kind of funny because I was asking about stuff and then they said, well who are you?  And I told them I was their speaker.  They said, “good, don’t remember us.”

I’ll see you tomorrow.

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