I did my motivational speakers thing at the AATH (American Association of Therapeutic Humor) last year and met a very fun, very talented, and very authentic speaker: Texas’ own Dave Lieber. Dave makes his living as a full time columnist for the Texas Star-Telegram, but has been spending more and more of his time speaking to audiences across Texas and across the USA.

He was good when I saw him, and he’s working hard. He’s well on his way.

Why do I like him? Sure, he has good stories. And sure, he uses humor. But best of all, this speaker is totally authentic. What you see from the audience is the real deal; you really are seeing Dave.

Besides, he’s what my Granny would call, “Good People.” He’s a nice guy, and I’m glad we’re friends.

Good work Dave!
(Learn more about my work as a motivational speaker in Texas and the rest of the nation.)

Brad Montgomery
Texas Motivational Humorist Speaker, Fan of Dave Leiber

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