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How do you know if your emcee or Master of Ceremonies is any good?

Brad Montgomery is a very funny master of ceremonies and corporate emcee.  At a recent Awards Banquet for North Kansas City Hospital Brad kept the pace lively, the levity on high while still honoring their top people.

Let’s admit it it, though awards banquets are important and serve a vital purpose, they are often dull.  Not so when Brad is your emcee!

For this client, immediately following dinner Brad presented 25-25 minutes of his very funny motivational program.  People were laughing and excited for “something new.” Brad’s a motivational speaker, but he’s more than that — he’s a laugh-out-loud- funny motivational speaker. Then, after his motivational speech Brad started the awards banquet.  He announced the winners, cracked tasteful jokes throughout, and kept the inspiration and motivation going THROUGH the awards banquet.

Learn more about Brad’s work as a Master of Ceremonies here.

Check out this letter of recommendation about Brad’s work as an emcee / master of ceremonies.

To Whom It May Concern:

We recently had the pleasure of having Brad Montgomery serve as emcee, speaker, and entertainer at our annual Employee Recognition Banquet. We have a long history at North Kansas City Hospital of holding creative and successful events.  But our previous event design had simply run its course, and it was time for a change. At the same time, we wanted to retain certain aspects of our program that we believed were an important part of our culture.

Brad did a great job of understanding our desire to marry the old and the new, as well as our desire to keep the event to a reasonable length. He was fast paced, funny, and respectful of our long-term staff. He engaged members of the audience in a way that we have never before experienced, and had everyone from our honorees to our Board members having a great time. One of our 30 year employees made it a point to visit my office a day or two after the banquet to let me know that of all the events she has attended over the years, this one was the best. She stated she felt so honored that she is planning to stay another 30 years! Others have continued to provide positive feedback, and I believe their feelings about the event are directly related to the work that Brad did on our behalf.

I freely admit that I was the member of our team who was most skeptical about this format. While I think I have a good sense of humor, I am not a fan of the “schtick” of stand up comedians.  But Brad was different, and so much more than an entertaining speaker. He struck the right balance of humor, motivation, and respect, and he was the right person at the right time for our Hospital. I am honored to recommend him without reservation for your event.


Beverly Johnston
Vice President
Human Resources
North Kansas City Hospital

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Award Banquet Speaker

Brad Montgomery is a motivational speaker, emcee, master of ceremonies and corporate comedian who speaks across the country and around the world.  He is based in Denver, Colorado.