Youth Speaker. High School Speaker. Brad Montgomery

Youth Motivational Speaker Need a professional motivational speaker for kids?logo A professional high school motivational speaker for youth and teens? … Just Book Brad. Motivational Speaker Brad Montgomery draws upon his skills as a comedian and magician to connect with youth and high school aged students. He is able to motivate them in a way that a traditional high school logomotivational speaker might fail. He believes that humor and laughter are the way to win students’ hearts… and once you’ve done that you can motivate their minds.

“The look of amazement and surprise on each of the student’s faces as they joined you on stage and were included in your act was priceless…” -Betty Ford, Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Virginia FCCLA

“Brad was HILARIOUS!! In my opinion, the best Opening Day youth motivational speaker in my 15 years in the district!! Thanks!!” -Fred Allman, Blomingdale, Illinois School Dist #13