Telecom Speaker

Brad is a hilarious, award-winning motivational speaker and entertainer. Although he has had success in nearly every industry, he has been especially successful in the telecom industry as an telecom keynote speaker. Open your conference with a hilarious program with an important message. Or turn Brad loose on the weary masses after a full day. You have a hit! Make your job a whole lot easier. Just book Brad.

“Brad is a very funny speaker with a real message. He spoke to our members in a general session about dealing with change and about using humor in the workplace. What sets Brad apart from the others is the fact that he is hilarious! He is not a motivational speaker. Not a humorist. Not a magician. He is all of those things. …. A powerful message in an entertaining program that appealed to all of our members.”
Colorado Telecommunications Association

“Brad Montgomery was great! He made professional suggestions in a silly and fun way!! Bring him back soon!”


Colorado Telecom Association
Kansas Telecom Association
Missouri Telecom Association
SCC Communications Corporation
Southwestern Bell
US West Direct
Cellular One
Alaska Telecom Association
Cox Communications

“Great time! Excellent program!”


“So funny my face hurt! Thanks Brad!”


“You seemed to know just the right approach and your ideas for incorporating our technology into the magic were clever and effective. Clearly you are a seasoned and adept performer!”
Cellular One


“Thanks again for an outstanding and delightful program. Our members really enjoyed your humor, style and showmanship. As you know, this conference is our signature event, and you really helped us shine for our members. You did a tremendous job.”
– MO Telecommunications Association

“Brad Rocks the Telecom Industry!”
Brad Montgomery presents a hilarious and entertaining telecommunications keynote with a message. Using his own blend of Hilarious humor, as well as his Award-Winning magic, Brad reminds us that our lives are Fun & Funny, and Filled with Magic. Brad urges telecommunications groups to remember that magic doesn’t have to mean vanishing tigers and floating women; sometimes discovering magic is as easy as stopping to smell the flowers. Learning to rediscover the magic in our lives helps us to live well, to be well, and even to work well. Brad presents programs on change, humor in the workplace, motivation and even After Dinner entertainment. Brad’s clients use him to open or close the convention, or for making their group smile somewhere in between.

He is a professional speaker and humorist. Use him to open or close the convention, or to give ’em a lift somewhere in between. Brad is a speaker for keynote speeches, funny speeches, seminars and break-out sessions. You can even use him for the after-dinner entertainment. Need a speaker, keynoter or presenter? Need him to be funny? Need a telecommunications? Just book Brad.