“Brad Rocks the Banking, Credit Union and Financial Industry!”

High Banking Praise for Brad Montgomery

“Feedback was unanimous: you were a spectacular hit! A motivational speaker that makes you laugh ­terrific!”
American Payroll Association

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Banking speaker Brad Montgomery presents motivational keynotes to banking, credit union, and other financial services audiences. Brad is an expert at connecting emotional and social support to performance and bottom-line growth.

Brad teaches right-brained people skills with bottom line impact.  People who strategically use social and emotional support are better employees, better managers, better leaders…they’re just plain better.  They are healthier, have better home lives, and have better success at work.

Brad teaches specific steps for implementing social support — which is directly related for bottom line banking  and credit union success.

Connecting Happiness at Work To Out Bottom Lines.
Brad presents programs on change, humor in the workplace, motivation and even After Dinner entertainment. Brad’s clients use him to open or close the convention, or for making their group smile somewhere in between.

“Went out of his way to make things work! Terrific!”
Washington Mutual

He is a professional speaker and humorist. Use him to open or close the convention, or to give ’em a lift somewhere in between. Brad is a speaker for keynote speeches, funny speeches, seminars and break-out sessions. You can even use him for the after-dinner entertainment. Need a speaker, keynoter or presenter? Need him to be funny? Need a credit union, financial or banking speaker? Just book Brad.

Are you looking for a very funny motivational banking speaker with experience in the financial industry? Contact Brad Montgomery today.


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Brad’s Motivational Speaker Blog
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Brad is a hilarious, award-winning motivational speaker with deep experience speaking to the banking and financial industry.   Although he has had success in nearly banksevery industry, he has been especially successful in the banking and financial industry as a keynote speaker.

Open your conference with a hilarious program with an important message. Or turn Brad loose on the weary masses after a full day. You have a hit! Make your job a whole lot easier. Just book Brad.

Partial List of Banking, Credit Union & Financial Services Clients:

Amoco Federal Credit Union — Texas
Dade County Federal Credit Union — Florida
Abacus Financial Group
Unclear purpose
Alliance Data Systemsbanks
Bank One
Bearing Point
Amoco Credit Union — Texas
First Bank Richmond — Indiana
Central Valley Production Credit
Coopers & Lybrand
Dividend Capital
Enterprise Banks  — Massachusetts
Farm Credit Bank of Wichita
Fidelity Credit
First Data Corporation
First Pioneer National Bank
First American Title
Jackson National Life
Midland Loan
Norwest Bank
San Mateo Credit Union — California
South Dakota Bankers AssociationAmoco Credit Union
North Dakota Bankers Association
US Bank
United Bank
Washington Mutual / Chase
Western Union / First Data
Wyoming Credit Union League
Tennessee Credit Union League
US Bank
Valley Bank
ZC Sterling

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Banking & Credit Union Speakers — Funny Banking Speaker Brad Montgomery

The Best Banking Speaker We’ve Ever Had.”  — First Bank Richmond


It was fantastic! He disarmed our folks with his humor. He included everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY from the president to the guy that works in the mail room. Best of all he had an important message that applied to us all, both at work and at home. Brad’s message is perhaps more relevant than ever in these uncertain times “
San Mateo Credit Union, CA

“Made us laugh non-stop.” – US Bank