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Motivational In-Service Speaker For School Teachers & Educators

The Undeniable, Jaw-Dropping Power of Encouragement!

Education speaker for teachers …. er….  motivational speaker for teachers. In-Service Speaker? Whatever…you get the idea! : ). We’re talking about Brad Montgomery.

Need a professional motivational speaker for educators? Teachers? An education motivational speaker? In-Service Speaker? … Just Book Brad.

If you are a school district planning a beginning of the year in-service, you need a teacher motivation speaker who your classified staff loves as much as your non classified staff. And if you’re really smart, you’ll hire somebody who can also reach out to and connect with your administrators and leadership. You need that person to be VERY funny (because you know they won’t listen if it is boring.) And most of all, because it’s hard to get this important group together in one room (or school auditorium) you need to get a HUGE ROI. You need to make sure you get a funny motivational speaker who can help motivate your teachers to create some lasting and positive change.

The good news is that you’ve found him; Brad Montgomery, CSP, CPAE.

Brad is way more than just a funny motivational speaker. He’s a very thoughtful educator, author, and thinker. He’s comedy-club funny and uber clean. Brad knows that the teaching profession goes beyond student achievement in the classroom. An educator needs to constantly build relationships and support students and parents alike. Compassion fatigue and burnout can take a toll on teaching effectiveness as well as teacher morale. Teacher appreciation and positive messaging goes a long way in shaping and enriching the educational landscape. And he has a way of connecting with school audiences that sets him apart from the pack.

Your people recognize a speaker who doesn’t “get” them. But they also respond to somebody with whom they connect. And because of his experience working for educators, coupled with his sense of humor and down-to-earth approach, your teachers (and the rest of your education staff) will sit up and take note. They’ll be captivated. And they’ll let Brad lead them to positive change and growth mindset.

Brad is a hilarious, award-winning inspirational speaker and entertainer. Although he has had success in nearly every industry, he has been especially successful in the education industry as an education keynote speaker. Open your educational event or conference with a hilarious program with an important message. Or turn Brad loose on the weary masses after a full day. You have a hit! Make your job a whole lot easier. Just book Brad.

WHAT DOES BRAD Tell Your Educators & Teachers?

Brad teaches your people the power of encouragement to improve resilience, meaning, and purpose in a way that improves recruitment and retention and engagement in a way that trickles down to improved education for the students.

Brad helps your staff feel less overwhelmed and stressed. He helps remind them WHY they wanted to be teachers in the first place. And he reminds them of their significance to the students, to the school, to the district and to the community.

Your educators need to be told they are awesome over and over again. Let’s not forget to celebrate teachers! This program is called “The Undeniable, Jaw-Dropping Power of Encouragement.”

You are Important. You’re Needed. Thank You!

Your teachers, transportation pros, nutrition folks, maintenance and facilities folks already know about SEL — social emotional learning. Brad’s topic is close. It’s like the older sister of SEL. The power of encouragement is a tool that can be harnessed to boost morale, prevent teacher burnout, and overall make them scientifically happier & less overwhelmed. And in turn that makes them better education speakers.

It’s a big deal. Harvard called it, “The key to every single business and educational outcome.”  But statistically your people don’t use this tool anywhere near enough. None of us do. That’s where Brad comes in. He motivates them to increase the amount of support they both give and receive. He prompts them to support each other. Brad inspires them to encourage, acknowledge and appreciate in a way that creates meaningful behavioral change.

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In service speaker for educators

Brad is Funny — Because Your Educators Deserve a Laugh

Your people will not sit though another boring in-service. They need something fresh. They need to laugh. So Brad has crafted this keynote for educators with carefully chosen topics to be entertaining and funny.

By the end they’ll know Brad “gets them.” He’s on their side. He’s funny. But most of all, he has a message, backed by science, that will help them be healthier and happier. It will help them be better people. It will help them be better educators.

Why Book Education Speakers for Kick-Off Events and Conferences?

Wondering why booking an educational keynote speaker is more essential than ever? Enter Brad Montgomery, the catalyst for educational transformation. It’s not just about having a speaker; it’s about infusing your campus with energy, laughter, and inspiration. Brad’s not your run-of-the-mill speaker; he’s a powerhouse of motivation, an advocate for resilience, and a maestro of unlocking untapped potential. Think of his keynote as the spark that ignites a fire of enthusiasm among instructors, administrators, leaders, and staff alike. His blend of humor and meaningful insights doesn’t just entertain; it creates a shift in mindset for personal and professional development.

Education keynote speakers can help with a variety of challenges that your people face daily whether while teaching in the classroom or managing difficult communications with parents. From classroom management to improved student engagement, academic success, fostering diversity and inclusion, and preventing adversity in educational organizations, teacher motivation speakers can have a profound impact for public and private schools, colleges, or universities. By booking Brad, you’re not just securing a dynamic speaker; you’re unlocking a reservoir of positivity, cultivating the power of encouragement, and paving the way for a culture of lasting change within your educational ecosystem. It’s not just a talk; it’s a catalyst for success in the world of education. Contact Brad to learn more about his speaking topics and availability!

Brad's Secret Weapon When Speaking to Teachers & Educators

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Testimonials for In-Service, Professional Motivational Speaker for Teachers & Educators

Partial List of Past Education / Teachers Clients

  • Dozens of School Districts from California To Florida to Maine
  • San Diego Schools, California
  • McHenry School District, Illinois
  • Farmington School District, New Mexico
  • San Juan School District, California
  • St. Vrain School District, Colorado
  • Colorado Association of School Business Officials
  • Kansas Association of School Business Officials
  • Louisiana Association of School Nutrition
  • Georgia High School Technology Association
  • Cherry Creek High School – Colorado
  • Columbine High School
  • Jefferson County Colorado
  • Jefferson County Public School District
  • Pueblo Colorado School District.
  • Eaton Colorado School District
  • Kaskaskia Education District – Indiana
  • California Teachers Association
  • FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)
  • FCCLA (Family Career and Community Leaders of America)
  • DECA
  • Girl Scouts (High School Groups)
  • Boy Scouts of America. Regional Office.
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Education Speaker: Funny Professional Development Speaker

Brad Montgomery on Stage as a motivational speaker

Brad is a laugh-out-loud humorous motivational speaker

“Brad helped make our school’s in-service a success. I would encourage you to hire him and let him do the same for you.”
– Marcia Anker, Principal Jefferson County School District, CO

Listen to John Nuspl’s audio testimonial
“Brad is a laugh-out-loud funny motivational speaker for educators who reminds us all that life is fun, funny, and filled with magic. Although he has spoken to groups in nearly every industry, he has done a HUGE amount of work as a motivational speaker for educators. Although Brad loves to work in the education world in general, he especially loves working with teens and youth”
– John Nuspl, Superintendent, Eaton Colorado School District

“Hilarious! Brad was very funny with an important and motivating message…he deserves a packed house.”
– Beth Threatt, California Teachers Association, CA

“We laughed for an hour!”
“If you have any doubts, take them away. I’d have him again in a flash!”
– Janet Brown, Virginia Association of School Business Officials

“Dear Brad: Just thought I’d drop you a quick email to share a few thoughts on the August 19th inservice you conducted for the Eaton School District RE-2 in Eaton, Colorado. The staff’s and my personal observations would attest to the success of your presentation. I’ve been a public school superintendent in five states (WY, ID, KS, and CO), and your program was the best “opening of year” activity I have experienced over that 25 year period. Irrespective of the difficult conditions (the hailstorm and subsequent water damage that annihilated two schools’ roofs and negatively-impacted several classrooms), our staff is “upbeat” and talking about “riding the pony”. The Board of Education and I have received numerous comments and notes of appreciation for providing your services to our staff.
Thanks again for the fantastic start to 2004-2005 in the Eaton School District RE-2.
Yours truly,
John J. Nuspl, Supt. Eaton School District RE-2 (Eaton,CO)
John Nuspl
200 Park Avenue
Eaton, Colorado 80615