Educator Speaker | Motivational In-Service Speaker Brad Montgomery

Or speaker for educators.  In-Service Speaker?  Whatever…you get the idea!  : )

Need a professional motivational speaker for educators? An education motivational speaker? In-Service Speaker?  … Just Book Brad.

If you are a school district planning a beginning of the year in-service, you need a speaker who your classified staff loves as much as your non classified staff.  And if you’re really smart, you’ll hire somebody who can also reach out to and connect with your administrators.  You need that person to be VERY funny (because you know they won’t listen if it is boring.)  And most of all, because it’s hard to get this important group together in one room  (or school auditorium) you need to get a HUGE ROI. You need to make sure you get a funny motivational speaker who can help motivate your teachers to create some lasting and positive change.

The good news is that you’ve found him;   Brad Montgomery, CSP.