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Professional Development Teacher for Educators, Teachers and School Districts. | Arkansas TESTIMONIAL
Professional Development Teacher for Educators, Teachers and School Districts. | Arkansas TESTIMONIAL File name: IMG_6943.jpg
Professional Development Teacher for Educators, Teachers and School Districts. | Arkansas TESTIMONIAL


I just worked for a wonderful team and school district in Montana as a motivational speaker for teachers, educators and inservices.  I know many of my school district clients are looking for a funny and meaningful motivational speaker for their professional development.  I hope you’ll give me a call.

If you’re looking for more info on how I serve schools, educators and teachers….. Click here.

In the meantime, here is a very kind letter from the Lewistown, Montana Schools.

To Whom It May Concern:
Hiring Brad Montgomery was one of the best investments in our staff we have ever made!
This year we needed an AWESOME  in-service.   After a full year dealing with COVID, our staff has hit the wall.  We really wanted something special to make sure our staff was where they deserved to be.
It’s pretty tempting to hire a speaker with more tactical training;  classroom management, new technology, the latest education and educator philosophy, etc.   But we were clear that we needed to invest in our people.  We needed somebody who could really connect with all of our educators in a way that helped them improve their resilience, meaning, purpose and happiness.  After this year, they needed more than training…they needed a spark. 
Brad spoke to both classified and non-classified staff and made everyone feel included.  Our entire group left Brad’s speech feeling uplifted and ready to hit the ground running for the new school year.  After the challenges of last year, we all needed someone who truly understood educators and Brad genuinely hit the mark.
When we began our search for a motivational speaker, the options were overwhelming.  We’re so glad we found Brad.  He was truly a perfect fit as a motivational speaker for educators and teachers.
Brad was down to earth, funny and engaging.  Any school district that needs a funny motivational speaker should hire Brad.  Our staff is still talking about Brad and the huge impact he had.  Thank you Brad!
Rebekah Rhodes, Business Manager
Thom Peck, Superintendent
Thanks Thom and Rebekah!  You rock!!!!  I’m so grateful to have been part of your team, even if only for the day!
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Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Bio of a Motivational Speaker

Funny Motivational Keynote Speaker Brad Montgomery is an award-winning speaker.   He speaks to audiences across the globe (and across the USA), and is based in Denver, Colorado.

Although he speaks to audiences in nearly every industry, he is known as a funny health care speaker, a education speaker for teachers, a real estate speaker, and a sales speaker.   He got his start as a magician & comedian, but now is known almost exclusively as keynote speaker.

He speaks both at live, in-person events, as well as online and virtually as a zoom speaker. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish with your audience, if you’re ready to invest in your people, give us a call now.

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