Team-building Speakers with Sheep? Raising the Baa

Ask Your Friendly Neighborhood Team Building Speakers

TEAM BUILDING SPEAKERS who use sheep? Yes!

Chris Farnsworth and Caroline Palmer of the amazing company, Raising the Baa, join Brad for this fun conversation.   Brad works with gobs of organization as a team building speaker.  He has a bunch of experience creating unique, memorable and successful teams.

But in Raising the Baa he has met his match.  Caroline and Chris are awesome.

Here’s the biz in a nutshell:  you bring your corporate team to their fields where there are a bunch of sheep.  Then Chris and Caroline tell your team to get the sheep in the pen.  Easy right?  Not so fast…. It’s not easy at all.  And that’s the point.  The only way to succeed is to work as a team.  Get it?

Again Brad thinks his team building events are pretty great.  But Chris and Caroline add exercise, a lovely field, and sheep.  Who can top that?

The only hitch is that you have to go to England to do it.

Chris and Caroline are lovely.  They are fun and funny.  And now they are Brad’s new friends.

Thanks so much Raising the Baa.  It was a blast!

Team-building Speakers with Sheep? Raising the Baa
Team-building Speakers with Sheep? Raising the Baa
Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Team building keynote speaker Brad Montgomery creates events for corporate and health care teams to grow into stronger teams. He has a special method to get folks to relax, to start to trust each other, and eventually turn into higher functioning teams.

Most of Brad’s clients have him do a double event.  He combines his message as a motivational keynote speaker with a crazy-fun team building event. (By the way, did we mention he is really funny?)  Interested in details?  Sure you are!  Call us and we’ll talk about customizing an event just for you.


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