Talk Turkey | Conversation Tips for Covid Holidays

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2020 Thanksgiving Conversation Tips(For the Weirdest Thanksgiving Ever!)

This Thanksgiving is going to be tough.  Whether you’re stuck home with your spouse, or if you’re going to ZOOM with a larger group, conversation this year is going to be tough.   Should we talk about COVID?  How do you talk to your uncle who voted differently from you?  How do you talk to people who are down or sad?   How do we avoid conversation Land Mines?

Lucky us:  because THE rock star of small talk is coming to the rescue!  Debra Fine is one of the nation’s top authorities on conversation skills, networking and small talk.  She is more than a professional speaker and trainer.  She is more than a best-selling author.  She is the woman who has helped hundreds of thousands of people communicate better by offering meaningful, specific and actionable advice. (Oh, and she happens to be one of my very best buddies. )

Come ready with your own specific questions.   And be ready to head into Turkey Day with a couple of easy tips from a top pro.