In my career of over 25 years, I have heard dozens of managers cry about how their employees don’t perform well and don’t feel driven. In most cases, the lack of productivity comes from low morale. And there are many things that contribute to this. Off the top of my head, I can think of three factors:

Lack of Contribution

It’s easy to tell others what to do, but this can be too much in some cases. When your employees have no say whatsoever in every company decision, they feel like they have no input at all. This would leave them no opportunity to voice out what they think should change. Over time, this will take its toll on your employees and they will have a terribly low morale.IMG_3436


Another factor to avoid is micromanagement.  Won’t you feel annoyed if your boss keeps nagging you about the tiniest details? Of course you would! Nobody likes being micromanaged, because it ruins your own pace. Once the task is finished, the result is the effort of the boss who micromanaged the whole thing instead of the employee hired to do that particular job. This is definitely a bummer for employee morale because they don’t feel they accomplished something.

Zero Appreciation

Some people don’t realize how important appreciation is. Your employees work hard and they don’t get some sort of appreciation? Come on, that will surely annoy them.

Sometimes, employees feel demotivated because they don’t get rewarded for all the good things they do. If this happens 8 hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week, of course your staff wouldn’t like it and will see no sense in excelling at what they do.

But you know, low employee morale isn’t the end of the world. It’s possible to turn this around with some help – my help. It’s easy to see when your employees feel down, and that’s the right time for me to do my thing. I’ll hype up your staff and make them feel awesome. I have a million ways of motivating your workforce. Trust me, whatever I come up with will be great.

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As an employer, it’s important that you keep your employees satisfied and motivated at work to keep their performance levels high. This high level of productivity is necessary for your business to become a success. But with all the things you need to keep an eye on, you may be ignoring some significant issues.

Calling for Unnecessary Meetings

Your workers are evidently more productive if they spend a sufficient amount of time on their work. You may not notice it, but meetings are one of the biggest time-wasting activities in a company. As much as possible, limit meetings only to the most important discussions and keep it to the point to avoid wasting time.Distech.2012_0190

Overlooking Output Deadlines

Setting deadlines is already a norm in companies, even in schools. But if you set target dates for their output, make sure you don’t resort to too many extensions. Chances are, your employees may slack off and your business will pay the price. Every minute wasted in the process is a loss of profit also.

Going Over the Boundary of Work and Life

Commitment is a key to productivity. But dedication to work is good to a certain point only. If your employees blur the boundary between work and life, they are more prone to stress and burn-out, which decreases efficiency. Devoted workers are a gem, but over-dedication may also cause unproductivity.

Hiring a Keynote Speaker

You shouldn’t ignore these common productivity problems; rather, you must handle them immediately or even before they happen. There may be a lot of solutions, but the most effective one is to take your employees to the same page you’re on. Make sure they also have the mindset to increase their performance level.

With the help of a keynote speaker, you can achieve this goal. Studies show that employees who attend such presentations learn to be engaged at work. A keynote speaker has the tools essential in shifting the perception of employees towards their performance in a good way, leading to better productivity.

Productivity is one of the main components that lead a business to success. It’s essential in keeping the company performing well and achieving greater heights as an organization. Here at Brad Montgomery, we offer presentations for productivity to help your company attain increased levels of efficiency. Contact us now and let us teach your workforce the means to be more fully invested in their work.