I recently worked for a very kind man for the second time.   The first time, he hired me to speak for a government agency.  He has since left the government, and hired me to speak to his new company, n~ask Incorporated.

Being hired once is nice.  But being hired back is MORE than twice as nice.  It’s bad math.  But it’s true.

The first time I was in a hotel ballroom in Virginia, doing my funny motivational speaker thing for a huge government audience.   But this more recent speaking engagement was in Florida for a very small (but mighty) group in a restaurant.  By the time I started speaking, it was pushing 9:30 PM, the group had had more than a couple of cocktails, and they had been sitting through a long gourmet dinner.

But happily, it went well.  In fact, it was a blast.

Check out the kind letter I just got from my client:

TO:                  Brad Montgomery

SUBJECT:        Speaker Services

Brad –

On behalf of n-ask Incorporated I would like to sincerely thank you for superb presentation during our 10th Anniversary event.  In true Brad fashion, you adopted our message, created the appropriate theme that struck the right chord with our group.  Your adept blend of humor, coupled with the desired “thought take-away” was a huge success.  Your skill at managing the toughest of crowds, and leading them to the possibilities of the future is exactly what our team needed.

As was proven when I engaged your services for my previous employer (Central Intelligence Agency), your ability to pinpoint and deliver the right message to a diverse workforce made all the difference.  Although our group was smaller than the 1000+ you addressed at CIA, you adapted a concise presentation tailored to our “unique” needs and corporate structure.  The tailored presentation you developed for n-ask, had our attendees feeling you were literally a part of our team with an intimate understanding of our current challenges.  Accordingly, your approach insured our team’s acceptance of the message and solutions.  One manager noted, “How does he know us and our unique challenges so well.” Another pointed out – “It felt personal to us, and not some outsider coming in with a fad of the moment speech.”

Again, our sincere appreciation for your time in assisting our staff in recognizing that change is not to be feared; and humor in the face of challenge is a trait to aspire to.  All in attendance left with a new perspective on our corporate goals and their role in our collective success.  We look forward to you working with us in the future as we continue down our path.

JH   Vice President, n~ask Incorporated

Yippee.   I had fun too, but it is wildly cool (I know, it isn’t a corporate term, but it accurately describes it) to get amazing letters like this one from JH.

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Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Fan of Fun, Happiness Speaker


I just did my motivational humorist speaker thing for a wonderful group of retailers in Virginia.  I had a blast.  They just sent me the coolest letter.  

Our membership could not have been more delighted with Brad Montgomery. He was, in a word, wonderful. His message of being upbeat and making the most of difficult times was so appropriate for our audience…they are still raving about his performance, personality and how he managed to set the stage for our working weekend.

To be perfectly honest, I was a little anxious when he started…retailers get a little unnerved when people start talking about the challenges of a down economy. However, Brad (the consummate professional) worked right through it and had the audience eating out of his hands by the end of the evening.

As I told Brad, there were folks in the audience dealing with stores closing, personal health issues, family challenges and the like. He managed — in about 45 minutes — to get everyone in an upbeat mood and receptive to solving the opportunities we face.

As a matter of fact, his mantra for the evening (“How cool is that?”) was cited in several thank you notes and has been repeated often amongst those in attendance.

I would highly recommend Brad Montgomery to any group interested in a delightful performance that allows participants to forget their troubles and open their minds to possibilities.

Susan L. Milhoan
President and CEO
Retail Alliance
Norfolk, Virginia 


I’m blushing!  Susan and the gang…thanks so much for the kind words.  If you’re group has 1/2 as much fun as I did we’ll be fine. :)

Besides, we did this event in a beautiful resort near Norfolk. “Having” to work in such nice digs is a totally great benefit from this crazy job.

Brad Montgomery
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