Get Off Your Butt — (And put on your skis?)

My kids and wife wanted to go skiing. I didn't.  I've been on…

It’s Up to Them. (And You Are Them!)

Okay Peeps!   You asked for it, you got it!  Here's my latest…

Hotel speaker

YouTube Video Mobile Post: Posted on-the-go by Brad Montgomery…

Blogging on the go?

Now we can blog on-the-go from our phones. Look for more speaking…

Illinois Probation! I Miss You!

Dear readers:  no, I'm not on probation.  No I haven't ever…

I Was a Fish Out of Water — And Into the Cow Pie

I was a fish out of water ... and into the cow pie. It was Green…

Speakers Rates: Saving Money

I recently blogged about how one of my clients (The Air Force)…

Got Passion? How To Make Yourself Happy.

What are you doing today to create fun and joy in your life.…

Hey USDA! I haven’t forgotten you!

Howdy USDA Farm Service Folks.  I loved being your speaker in…


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