I was just at speaking for the USDA Farm Services group in South Dakota. usda-logo It was a total hoot. I was totally flattered with this nice letter. Take a look:

To Whomever It May Concern,

This letter is a strong endorsement of speaker Brad Montgomery.

I talked Brad up big to our people; I was looking for a home run. Brad was even better than we hoped.

Our organization is going through many changes, and our people needed a boost to help them through these changes. And if your organization is anything like mine, you know that creating behavior and attitude change is harder than it sounds.

Brad spoke to a large portion of my group responsible for making millions of dollars worth of loans. I’m glad he did; he made a difference. His program was a total success.

In the days following Brad’s appearance, I got surprisingly many positive comments. (They loved him!) But also, I heard anecdotal evidence of Brad’s impact on morale, attitude, and my people’s ability to tackle some of our organizational changes.

In other words, Brad did more than motivate, inspire, and make us laugh. (Though he did all of those things exceptionally well.) He helped get our people back on track, ready to work, and ready to move where we need to go.

If you are looking for a speaker who will be the highlight of the conference AND help your organization with specific ways to improve morale and attitude and increase organizational productivity, Brad Montgomery is a perfect choice.

I recommend him without reservation. Hire him; you’ll be glad you did.

Call me if I can answer specific questions about Brad. (Or if you need a farm loan.)
USDA South Dakota
A. Claeys
Farm Loan Chief – South Dakota

Thanks So Much USDA!  I had a blast in South Dakota!

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Brad Montgomery
South Dakota Speaker, Farm Speaker, Fan of the USDA

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Howdy USDA Farm Service Folks.  I loved being your speaker in South Dakota a short while back. I wanted to check in with you, and made a special video JUST for you.  (Ain’t that special!)

I seem a bit squished in the video… must pushed the wrong button on the video camera.  But hey, it’s easier than going on a diet.

Use the comment form below to tell me what you “took away” from our time together.  Did you have an “Ah Ha” moment?  What was it?  Let me know in the comments below.

Now, pop that corn and check out your video…

Are you interested in booking a really funny motivational speaker? Whether or not you work in South Dakota I’d love to be your guy. Call me. : ) Go to the Contact Form.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, South Dakota Speaker, Fan of the USDA
South Dakota Speaker for the USDA