I have a great job.  I love being a motivational speaker.  I love using my comedian skills to make groups laugh while they learn.   And I love meeting with and working with new people.

I also love giving stuff away.   I sell a program called Hooked on Humor, which is a one-year subscription to an audio series about how to use humor as a tool at work and at home.

But heck… in the spirit of merry and ho, I thought it would be fun to just give some away.


Enjoy it.  What do I want as a gift from you? Leave a comment, and tell me what you think!    Cheers!

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Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Giver of Gifts, Blogger


If you are a professional motivational speaker of if you want to be one… here are the keys to the speaking business here.



Write Way to Success.  An article about discipline and much more.

If You Want More Humor in Your Presentation.    A cool article by John Cantu.

How Speakers Can Use Video    Brad is interviewed in this video where he talks about his theories about how motivational speakers can and should use video as a tool for business growth.  (This article is on Brad’s motivational blog.)

How to Be a Motivational Speaker.  An audio recording (for sale) of Brad spilling the secrets to getting started in the professional speaking business.

Evaluating  your speech.  A system to become a better speaker.

Adding Color to your speech.   Variety and spice helps keep your audience awake.

Connect with your audience.   Touch your Audience with Stories.

What I learned from American Idol that helps us all as professional speakers.  Sometimes it not skills…it’s a missing, hard to define “something” that can make a motivational speaker unique.



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