re max logoLet’s face it:  corporate meeting and convention audiences are filled with multi-taskers.  A short time go, our greatest distraction as meeting planners and speakers was USATODAY.   Now it’s the fact that there is free wireless in every ballroom, smart phones, and USATODAY.

That’s why this short email from Re/Max international made my day.  (I worked for them at their Colorado headquarters recently.)  It is absolutely current, and made me feel like a million bucks.  Aw Shucks Re/Max!

Brad, One of our executives came up to me yesterday afternoon and said – “Ya know, I judge speakers by the amount of times I look at my iPhone while they’re talking.  I did not look once – thanks for bringing Brad in, he was a great speaker and the timing was perfect – really enjoyed it”.

We’ve had lots of positive comments and in my HR meeting today with other HR Executives I will gladly tout you and your message.   Thank you so much!!


Senior Vice President, Human Resources

RE/MAX International, Inc.

Denver, Colorado

Aw Shucks, Re/Max   It was my absolute total pleasure.  Thanks for taking the time to make me feel great.

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Brad Montgomery
Real Estate Speaker, iPhone User, Fan of Re-Max

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