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Let’s talk about motivational speakers and their fees and rates.

I just am back from a job in Las Vegas where I was hired to be their humorist motivational speaker. After a quick conversation with my client about the costs of the microphones, of the coffee services, of the snacks, and the bottles of water, I had an epiphany. (Yes, that is a big word. Mom would be proud.)

I learned that the total expenditure for my speakers fee was LESS than what they paid for the coffee breaks. My rate was less than what they paid for the coffee.

When you are planning your convention your meeting budget, consider what will make a more lasting impression on your attendees. Where will you get the most bang for your buck?

What will your audience remember and appreciate more:
• The motivational speaker who rocked the audience or the fact that you got the fancier snack for that break?
• The humorist that made their faces hurt from laughing or the fact that they had the nicer bottles of wine?
• The keynote speaker who set an awesome tone for the conference or the fact that you got the more expensive dessert?

What’s my point? I know that we live in a real world with limited resources. and I know that no meeting has as large of a budget as they would like. But when you’re setting your meeting budget, are speakers fees really where you want to skimp? No…just the opposite. There is no doubt that long after they have forgotten the fact that you got the nicer chicken dish, or the better this, or the better that, they will remember that your motivational speaker was weak. But the glow and fire they will get from a top notch, funny kkeynote speaker will more than overshadow the fact that you compromised on one of the millions of (expense details.

But… if your humorist or motivational speaker rocks….they will remember that LONG after they have forgotten about the tiny other details where you didn’t skimp. They’ll have forgotten the slightly more pricey lunch (that yo chose in lieu of the lower priced lunch) but they’ll remember that the speaker was a waste of their time.

I’ve actually had this discussion with my clients. A few of them who were a tad short of my fee found that by cutting back on one or two salads, picking cookies instead of brownies, and … well…. you get the idea… they could suddenly meet my fee. (Yes, I’m biased, but I think it makes a ton of sense.)

Next time you are choosing your speaker, consider going top shelf. Skimp on the coffee break, the delux side dishes and the wine upgrade and splurge on a killer speaker with a ton of experience, a long list of happy clients, and a LONG, and verifiable track record.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Expert on Speakers’ costs, Way  better than Dessert!

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Imagine being able to send an email to your folks with this note: “Click this link to see a 150 second invitation from our keynote speaker.”

They’ll click. Excitement builds. Attendance goes up. Curiosity is satisfied. Everybody is happy.

It’s a personal invitation to your attendees and perspective attendees. It’s a commercial. It’s information. It’s personal.

You can — and will — send them the details via text. What would it mean to you and your event to have a fun, personal, professional video from your keynote speaker? Yeah…it’d be cool. Really cool.

All you have to do to make it happen is to let us know you want us to create a video, and answer these questions:

  • Who is Brad inviting? Be specific. eg: “All Wellpoint employees.” “Supporters of the Alzheimer’s Association.” “Members of the ABC Association.”
  • What is the casual way to reference where we’ll be holding the event? Be specific. Eg: “At the Lincoln Center. ” “In San Diego.” “At the South East Marriott.”
  • What elsewould you like Brad to tell them?
  • 2-4 bullets. Don‘t overload the video…it lessens the power. What should you include? Maybe, “The closing gala will be epic because we’ve booked U2!” Or, “We got approved for continuing education credits,” or “Our theme this year is Happiness, and we’re taking that very seriously.”

Give us a call and we’ll schedule Brad to work with your meeting or event.  And we’ll make sure Brad creates a customized welcome video for you that get’s your people pumped, ready to learn, and excited about the convention.

Notes:  We put Brad in the studio  and create a limited amount of editing and retakes.  Our clients have been really happy with the results even though you might hear a couple of imperfections. But we are not going for Hollywood. Were going for enthusiasm and excitement. This is another way to say we are happy to re-edit videos, but at some point there is an extra fee involved.?

Brad Montgomery is a funny keynote motivational speaker who speaks on the people side of business.  Want to get more out of your people?  Want to get more out of yourself and those around you?  Give us a call.  Brad is a business speaker who can make a difference.  (Oh, and people tend to think he’s pretty funny.)

Brad Montgomery is a Business Keynote speaker who is very funny?  Looking for a motivational speaker who offers more, is more, creates more?  You’ve found him.  Contact us today to chat about how we will create a customized keynote just for you audience .