This computer animation of a computer bug cracked me up. It looks real doesn’t it? Admit it, you tried to “brush” it off your screen, huh? Combine this animation with the fact that I love office pranks and office practical jokes and bam! We’ve got an idea for ya!

Here’s a ready-to-implement practical joke you can pull on your office mates. Right now. No prep time.. Nothing sticky. Nothing to buy or clean up. Just haul your office mate and tell them you have just got a computer bug.

“Hey!  Oh no!  I have a computer bug!!!   EEEEEEEEEaaaaaaghkkkkk!”   (You can leave off that last word if you have trouble pronouncing it.   I personally think the “k”s are silent.)

Better yet, call in your IT support team and show them this bug. [Here’s your chance to try out your acting chops. Get excited. Show them your anxiety. Be the nervousness. A bit of the old method acting will improve this prank. Besides, let’s face it: you haven’t acted since high school and you miss it.]

Yeah, I know. It’s not brilliant. But it’s kinda cool. Admit it. It’s kinda cool.

Craving some humor in your workplace and need more than an animated computer bug? Hire a funny motivational speaker. (My keynote speech is WAY funnier than this moving graphic, I swear!) Go to the contact page now.

Do me a favor: let me know how it turns out. Were they fooled? Did the mood in the office change? Was it fun? Or did they just think you were a nut? (For the record, my wife was in the second category.)


Brad Montgomery
Humor in the Workplace Speaker, Funny Keynote Speaker, Lover of Silly Practical Jokes



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I love halloween…. it’s about the only time of the year that we, as adults, can dress up and act weird and not get fired.  And we can do it sober.

Besides dressing up — this year I’m gonna dress as a rock star — I love to kid around with the little trick or treaters that come by the house: They say “trick or treat!”  I answer, “Ok, I pick Trick.”  They are dumbfounded.  I explain.  I’ll take the trick.   They are dumfounded.  

“Ok, here’s a treat for you.”  I get out a box of dental floss, and pull off a 7″ piece, cut it off, and give it to one kid in his plastic pumpkin.   “Here’s some floss for you.”   And again… “And here’s some for you.”  They never complain, but they are clearly confused.  I think it is hilarious.  (I’m also a tad sugared up by then on the candy I stole from my kids’ bags.)

Another fun idea is to get out a pack of (for example) Starbursts.  Instead of giving them the pack — which is what they expect — I open the pack and give ONE Starburst to each kiddo.   (This is more fun for us as adults than it is to them as kids.)

I eventually give all the kids real candy of course.  But this time of year is a great time to goof.

I admit it, I laughed at the first one, but hated the second one.

What do you think? Am I crazy?

What do YOU think makes a prank office safe / corporate safe?

Would YOU ever do this at your office? Think this would count as a “safe office practical joke?” Comment! I dare ya!

How far can YOU go with practical jokes at your office?

I collect Office Pranks that Won’t Get You Fired. Do you think this peanuts-in-cubical gag would get you fired?

I’ve written a little on practical jokes that work well in the office.  All depends on your boss and her sense of humor, and your intentions.  My magic rule is:  If this practical joke will hurt somebody’s feelings, it’s likely to get you a trip to HR.  Pass on it and keep your job.  And your friends.

When people tease you, (and play safe practical jokes on you) it can make you feel special…a part of the team…one of the “cool” kids, you know. Teasing is harmless, in perspective, and can work wonders for office morale. If people don’t tease you, it may be that they don’t trust you enough to let their guard down. Office pranks can (oddly enough) can make others feel good – “Hey, if they did this to me, they must think I’m one of the popular kids!”

Intentions count.  If, when you tease or joke on people, if you come from a place of friendship and joy — then you’re probably good to go.  If you’re ticked off at the victim — or hate their slimy guts — you’re officially advised abstain in order to prevent that “little talk” with your boss.

What is the BEST office prank that you’ve ever pulled or one you’ve ever witnessed? Were you the mastermind or the accomplice? Send me your best office prank comment and the most innovative prankster will win one of my books. If a photo accompanies your comment, I’ll post it on the blog and send you an audio. How cool is that?

Come on, tell me, what’s the slyest thing you’ve ever pulled at the office?