Got a good knock-knock joke? What about a few “Take my wife…please” one-liners? lenoYou can never have too many, “This man walked into a bar…”. Ok, I lied.

Ok, so maybe you won’t tell those jokes at work. (Most of you SHOULDN’T tell them period.) But lightening up at work not only feels good…. it pays off.

Don’t believe me? This article by MSNBC agrees with me … I guess I’m a genius.

In my keynotes and seminars, I speak to overworked 9-to-5’ers the importance of simply enjoying life — especially our lives at work. I also talk about humor in the workplace.

When I talk about finding the humor in most situations, I don’t mean knee-slapping one-liners (although if they work for you— go for it). I just mean that we all can take ourselves less seriously while still taking what we do seriously.

For example: It’s not necessary to do a spreadsheet just to get everybody’s lunch order! For crying out loud, your not launching a space shuttle; you’re buying some chow!

Your homework is to find something at work today that makes you smile. Maybe it’s the fact that one of your clients said something funny. Or that your work mate has that crazy laugh. Or that the accounting geek sent the lunch order in using Excel.

Don’t worry; you won’t be graded. But find something that makes you smile.

Really. It’s OK to laugh.

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Brad Montgomery

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I collect Office Pranks that Won’t Get You Fired. Do you think this peanuts-in-cubical gag would get you fired?

I’ve written a little on practical jokes that work well in the office.  All depends on your boss and her sense of humor, and your intentions.  My magic rule is:  If this practical joke will hurt somebody’s feelings, it’s likely to get you a trip to HR.  Pass on it and keep your job.  And your friends.

When people tease you, (and play safe practical jokes on you) it can make you feel special…a part of the team…one of the “cool” kids, you know. Teasing is harmless, in perspective, and can work wonders for office morale. If people don’t tease you, it may be that they don’t trust you enough to let their guard down. Office pranks can (oddly enough) can make others feel good – “Hey, if they did this to me, they must think I’m one of the popular kids!”

Intentions count.  If, when you tease or joke on people, if you come from a place of friendship and joy — then you’re probably good to go.  If you’re ticked off at the victim — or hate their slimy guts — you’re officially advised abstain in order to prevent that “little talk” with your boss.

What is the BEST office prank that you’ve ever pulled or one you’ve ever witnessed? Were you the mastermind or the accomplice? Send me your best office prank comment and the most innovative prankster will win one of my books. If a photo accompanies your comment, I’ll post it on the blog and send you an audio. How cool is that?

Come on, tell me, what’s the slyest thing you’ve ever pulled at the office?