I collect Office Pranks that Won’t Get You Fired. Do you think this peanuts-in-cubical gag would get you fired?

I’ve written a little on practical jokes that work well in the office.  All depends on your boss and her sense of humor, and your intentions.  My magic rule is:  If this practical joke will hurt somebody’s feelings, it’s likely to get you a trip to HR.  Pass on it and keep your job.  And your friends.

When people tease you, (and play safe practical jokes on you) it can make you feel special…a part of the team…one of the “cool” kids, you know. Teasing is harmless, in perspective, and can work wonders for office morale. If people don’t tease you, it may be that they don’t trust you enough to let their guard down. Office pranks can (oddly enough) can make others feel good – “Hey, if they did this to me, they must think I’m one of the popular kids!”

Intentions count.  If, when you tease or joke on people, if you come from a place of friendship and joy — then you’re probably good to go.  If you’re ticked off at the victim — or hate their slimy guts — you’re officially advised abstain in order to prevent that “little talk” with your boss.

What is the BEST office prank that you’ve ever pulled or one you’ve ever witnessed? Were you the mastermind or the accomplice? Send me your best office prank comment and the most innovative prankster will win one of my books. If a photo accompanies your comment, I’ll post it on the blog and send you an audio. How cool is that?

Come on, tell me, what’s the slyest thing you’ve ever pulled at the office?

Don’t have one? Don’t even know what it is?

Humor Quotient is the amount of humor that you have in your business, personal life and all other areas that is directly related to your ability to find humor in most all things. In other words, it is a factor of how much “funny” there is in your day and how that funny helps you work, live and cope effectively. Like I said, Humor Quotient.

To assess your Humor Quotient, you must first decide what make you laugh. For instance, the lame joke from the internet or your boss’s toupee?  Also, the cafeteria’s “Mystery Meat” may make you chuckle inside but the office jokester makes you want to poke a pencil in your thigh.

Everyone is different and different things make people laugh. A lot of times, when I do seminars, there will be maybe one or two people who at first don’t “get it” and those are the ones that make me try extra hard to get their lips to curl. I realize that their HQ may be high or need adjusting, but usually I’m able to find it and make knee-slappers out of them. Yeah buddy, I aim to please.


If you are a person or you work with a person who is hard to get to smile or laugh, learn them first. In office settings, we’re told to be serious, somber and focused on the task at hand. Yes, those things are important, but it’s also important to have a work environment where you can enjoy and have fun, if only a little. It helps productivity immensely and does wonders for the work environment. And usually, the person who is hard to crack ends up actually enjoying themselves.

And in extreme cases, they may just need a little extra adjusting. In that case, I usually have my assistant, Guido, take them out back and give them a *little* adjustment just so they don’t interfere too much with my presentation. Like I said, I aim to please. You WILL be happy when I’m done, got it?

Are you easy or difficult to loosen up? What would you say your Humor Quotient is? High? Low? In Between?

Scared of Guido, are you? Don’t worry. He won’t bother you unless you give him a reason…


Brad Montgomery