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We now present the third in a series of videos called…

Top Mistakes Made When Hiring a Motivational Speaker.

For those of you who would rather read than watch, here is the transcript:

This is Brad Montgomery, of with the third in a series of top mistakes people make when choosing or hiring a motivational or inspirational speaker.

One of the mistakes people make is that they’re thinking we really need an energy boost for our convention or our meeting, so we want it to be funny. Okay. That’s a good idea. But the mistake is they end up hiring somebody who is very funny but has no relevance to business or government or whatever your association is. They don’t connect their humor to what they are trying to achieve with their organization. Huge mistake.

Selected Posts from Brad’s Past

We found a few posts, videos and stories from Brad’s past, and thought it would be fun to re-publish them here.  So pour yourself a cup of coffee, put on some classic rock, and check out this classic blog post from a decade (ish) ago.  

So, here’s the deal. If you want someone to be really, really funny—like comedian style—like really funny and you want a completely solid business message—if you want the message to be completely relevant with what you and your organization are trying to achieve—it is possible. You just have to make sure you’re asking the right questions and make sure you book the speaker who can deliver both. Like me. I can do both. I’m very proud of that.

I don’t mind telling you I started out as a comedian. I didn’t use to be able to do both. And then I’ve authored a couple books and worked for a few hundred clients and I’ve interviewed all these people. And I get the concept of really delivering the meat but at the same time making sure that they’re laughing all the way through.

So, if you’re looking to book a funny, motivational speaker, that’s a great idea. Just make sure that they’re not just funny. Make sure that they also have a complete, concrete tie-in to whatever it is you’re trying to communicate to your people.

I’d love to be part of your team. You can contact us through the web site at . Give us a call and tell us what you’re trying to accomplish with your meeting or convention, and we’ll do our best to see if we can’t help you get there. Have a great day.

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Change Management Comes Down to a Simple Choice

As a motivational speaker, almost 9 out of 10 clients ask me to address change management. I’m honestly amazed at how many of my clients are freaked out about change. The change is real, and their pain is real. But the answer to their stress and unhappiness might be more simple than they think.scroll down for video

Check out two of my recent clients, both of whom are dealing with a ton of change.

Client 1:

  • Hired a Change Management Consulting Firm
  • Lots of analytics, measurements and surveys around prepping for change
  • Work culture is toxic
  • Huge exodus of people on all levels
  • Profitability is down

Client 2:

  • Focused on growth, profits and the future.
  • Feels a positive work culture is crucial to success.
  • Like Client 1, has had major changes in their technology, client base, and organizational structure. But they consider all of these things, “Challenges we are making progress on.”
  • Has a VERY positive and well-loved work culture
  • Profits are up
  • Growth up
  • Future is bright

Client 1 Is freaking out.

Client 2 has most of the same issues regarding change, but just considers constant adaption as part of their business.

So What is My Point?

What you focus on is where the power is! In order to stay relevant and profitable, every organization is going to have to adapt to changes in our markets, our technology, and even our employees. Change is just a given. You don’t have a choice regarding change, but you do have a choice in how you react to it. You can freak out. Or you can roll your sleeves up, get started, and move forward towards success.

Client 2’s focus is on epic culture, and epic customer experiences. That’s the focus. Yes, they have to constantly deal with sometimes HUGE changes, but for them it’s just part of their job.

The management at Client 1 is freaking out, and everybody on staff knows it. They feel unsettled and upset, and they are NOT doing well with productivity or profitability. They need to calm down, take a breath, and just get started with moving forward. I’m convinced that the very fact they are surveying and analyzing every person and every bit of their company is primarily telegraphing their anxiety to their staff.

It’s not easy, but it is simple. When it comes to change you either have to accept it as a constant part of your job, or … You need a new job.

Dealing with change is simple, but not easy. Do you want to get behind it? Or do you want it to happen to you?

Yes, I know I’ve over-simplified. Yes I know that sometimes you DO REALLY NEED a huge amount of study regarding workplace processes, structure and culture. But on the other hand, it isn’t THAT complicated. Change is the new constant, and if you let it freak you out you are not going to do well.

Take a breath, roll up your sleeves, and start chipping away at your new problems. Give into the fact that you’ll NEVER be “finished” with these problems. (If you ever do finish with these problems, you’ll be out of a job!) And see if you can find some joy in the phrase, “We’re working on it, and we feel like we are making progress.”

You can do this. You’ve got this. Now stop whining.


Brad Montgomery is a business and motivational speaker based in Denver, Colorado. He speaks to the people side of business. Call today to bring him in to speak to your group about change.

The beer industry is complicated with a three-tier system and fifty different laws in fifty different states.  To be successful in beer, you need to thrive in change. Because Brad helps individuals approach change-management with a positive attitude — which means greater productivity for them and their organizations.  And because Brad is funny, the message […]

I love my job as a motivational speaker, and I love all of my clients. But I have to confess that some clients are more fun than others. Such was the case when I was a speaker in Texas for a very dynamic and forward-thinking company who was holding their annual meeting.

The CEO asked me to make sure that my presentation was not only motivating, but high-energy, and had experiences incorporated into the program. It had to be more than just a talking head; it had to be fun, involved, and an experience from which they would learn.

So I decided to create a flash mob by them and for them. We took a few of their top salespeople out of their room and tricked them; the details aren’t important but the bottom line is that they had no idea why they were leaving the room.

When they returned and came to the stage with me, the audience made up of their peers erupted into a flash mob! It was extremely cool. The surprise on these top sales people’s faces was echoed by the excitement and joy from their peers while they delivered this surprise dance.

One of the things that I liked best about this flash mob was that the audience flash mob for hirethemselves are surprised. They cannot believe that they are actually doing this crazy flash mob, and they can’t believe that they are fooling some of their peers. And that joy translates into energy, fun, and… A powerful learning point about the power of levity, lightheartedness, humor, and fun in the workplace.

Why do you need to hire a flash mob from a flash mob company? Call us and we’ll talk you through how it works, how we can incorporate a flash mob at your meeting or convention, and how we can take your group from a low energy group of workers to a high energy team of top performers!

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See this flash mob for hire on youtube.

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Many of you who have been following my motivational speakers blog know that I have flash mob for meetingsbeen creating instant flash mobs for my corporate, association, and government audiences. It’s a high-energy, high-volume, and very original hands-on experience that helps my audiences to fully understand my happiness at work theories and strategies.

I will be releasing a fully edited and slick preview video of this corporate flash mob soon. But for now feast your eyes on this audience that surprised themselves most of all, as they pumped their top leaders.

They had some of their top performers stepped out of the room under a guise; a trick. and when those same people came in and the audience got up to dance, the audience had a blast, and those top leaders were absolutely freaked out in all of the best ways.

Check out this video, which although it is not high-quality and was taken with a cell phone, it shows the energy, excitement, and full interaction of this meeting.

It’s one thing to talk about happiness at work.  It’s a whole other thing to create an experience that demonstrates a powerful message, and then connect that experience to your people’s work, their lives, and their problems.

Looking for a motivational speaker for your event? Contact me here.

Flash Mob for Hire Dude, Motivational Speaker, Dancer!

Flash Mob for Corporate Meetings Sample On YouTube
Why hire a flash mob company?  Hire us!

A potential client said to me the other day, “We had a motivational speaker last year. Funny Motivational SpeakerShouldn’t we have something different?”

I was insulted. I mean, I am different! (Ask my wife!)  I’m a motivational speaker, so I’m also biased.  But for some really good reasons!  Of course clients want something different. Everybody wants the newest, most “in” thing; the presentation, keynote or performance that everyone’s talking about.

But just because you had motivation last year, you think your employees never need motivation again? Don’t tell that to Winston Churchill, or the President for that matter. If one dose of motivation was all anybody needed during a lifetime, parents, schoolteachers, bosses, presidents and prime ministers would all be out of business. People need constant motivation. Every day is a new opportunity to motivate someone, or the same one.


The trick to motivation, of course, is to keep your people motivated. How do you do that? Well, my own patented brand of motivation is all about humor. Getting people to laugh while at the same time motivating them to engage in their jobs, in their work place, in their work mates is the glue that makes the lesson stick. I use everything I can think of to make people laugh, lighten up and realize that the work-place has the potential to be a positive, upbeat place for personal growth and outstanding employee performance. I use:

  • jokes,
  • tricks,
  • team-building games,
  • heck, I even use animal balloons and confetti.

If balloons and confetti are what it takes to motivate people and make them smile, I use them.

And while having people laugh and lighten up does lead to short-term motivation and productivity increases, how can we make it last for the long haul? The short answer? Regular doses of daily or weekly motivation.  I provide my clients with information, techniques, props and more to keep the motivation going. It’s like a booster shot. You bring Brad in for the big, bad dose of supercharged, high energy, lightening bolt motivation, and then have your people check in on a regular basis for some updates.

Do they need some encouragement in dealing with that pesky co-worker who won’t stop complaining? Click on a video segment of Brad talking about how to deal with miserable people.

Is their boss going through a rough patch at home which is spilling over into the workplace? Break out the motivational toys and gadgets specifically designed to bring some levity and perspective into the office or break room.

A massive change coming down the pike that your people are nervous about? They may need to read a chapter in Brad’s book, Humor Me—America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter about how stress can be combated through the use of humor. There are so many ways to keep the motivation strong and flowing.

No doubt about it, for the big changes, the big stressors, the big downers Funny motivational speakerthat life dumps on people now and again, sometimes a booster shot isn’t enough. Sometimes a full dose of motivation, encouragement and inspiration is what’s needed. And that’s a fact, regardless of whether you had a motivational speaker last year, last month or last week.

Motivation isn’t just a one-time deal and you’re done. People in all employment situations, in all walks of life, of all personality types need the boost that a great motivational speaker can provide, and they need it more than once a lifetime. They need it regularly.

So for an awesome blast of motivational humor, workplace encouragement, or team-building inspiration, bring in me, motivational speaker Brad Montgomery, and my special brand of upbeat, positive, life-affirming, workplace and employee motivation. It’s what the doctor ordered!

Want to see what it looks like? Check you can check out me doing my motivational speaker thing here:

See the motivational speaker preview on YouTube.

Looking for a motivational speaker for your event? Contact me here.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Frequent Shower-Taker

I previously thought the world’s worst audience for a motivational speaker would be aMotivational Speakerwebinar, or radio show, or maybe a podcast, because there’s absolutely no way to see how the audience is receiving your message. I’ve done several webinars and radio shows, and it really throws my rhythm because I don’t have that instantaneous feedback that an audience provides an speaker.

When the audience is “out there” in the info-verse somewhere, it’s impossible to make the connection that every speaker needs to have with his or her audience. With an invisible audience there’s no way to know if you’re going too fast, if they’re smiling or laughing at your jokes, or if they’re just plain confused.

But while working in Kuwait with a few other international motivational speakers (and a few business, I heard a story that blew me away and made me realize I have yet to experience the worst possible audience. One of the other speakers presenting for the Kuwait Petroleum Corp was a executive coach and an “women’s empowerment” specialist.

She had what HAS to be the most difficult audience ever. She told me about a difficult motivational speaker audiencepresentation she made to a group of high powered corporate women for an oil company in Abu Dhabi. When she took a look at her audience for the first time, she felt her heart drop. All she saw was a sea of black. The women had come to her presentation in traditional Arab dress: black headscarves, black robes, black veils. Except for a narrow opening for their eyes, every identifiable facial feature was covered: noses, mouths, hair, heads, and she could barely see their eyes. Everyone was uniform, and sat quietly, staring at her, waiting for the presentation to begin.

Can you imagine? She wouldn’t be able to tell these women apart, or get visual cues about whether she was successful in capturing their attention, let alone whether they were even alert or interested. Moreover, in the Arab culture, formality is highly valued. Thus, Arab audiences do not show any strong reactions, no matter how interesting or informative a speaker may be. So for Mary, this was a nightmare: everyone dressed the same, no visual cues, no positive body language, added to a cultural divide of formality and lack of response. Everything she said was met with silence no matter how alarming, funny or interesting. She felt like she was speaking to an empty room.

It wasn’t anybody’s fault; it was just a fact. My fellow business speaker as not going to get any visual or audio feedback.


I’ve had some amazingly poor audiences: Like the drunk college kids in Colorado, where pizzas were ordered and delivered to someone in the audience. In Las Vegas I worked for arrogant, pompous sales people at a required sales conference. They were unhappy, hungover, and in sunglasses so they could sleep. During my talk, they covered their faces with their USA Todays and snored. At yet another fun-filled event, the company CEO was annoyed that I’d even been hired (I had been booked by a meeting planner, and the CEO was unaware I was coming), so he did his utmost to sabotage my performance, before, during and after, making nasty comments about what I’d had to say.

But now after talking with my new friend about audiences in the Middle East, I realize that Speaker audienceeven nasty comments are better than no comments, are better than no reaction. Getting boo-ed off the stage at least might have some future laugh value: I could tell a funny story about it. Someday.

But getting nothing but silence, without even the benefit of body language or facial expression, well, that sounds terrifying and humbling. As bad as some of my experiences have been, my new friend won the prize.

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About Brad

Is Brad one of the Top 10 Motivational Speakers?
Who are your comedic influences?
What is Brad’s Deep Thought?
Does Brad do Seminars?
Brad is a “CSP.” What’s that?

About Brad On the Platform

What makes Brad different from the others?
Is the humor safe? Is it clean? Isn’t comedy too risky?
Why magic?
Why audience participation? Is that important?
Does Brad Pick On his audience volunteers? Embarrass them?
What do Meeting Planners think of Brad?
Exactly what is Brad’s message? What is his take-away value content?

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How do travel expenses work?
How does Brad charge? By the hour? Event?
Any tips about Motivational Speaker Selection?
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About Brad

Is Brad one of the Top 10 Motivational Speakers?

Sure, out of the 50 or so people on my block, I am definitely one of the Top 10 motivational keynote speakers. And if you have any doubts… just ask my Mom. She thinks I’m number one.

Seriously, those Top 10 lists are a tad goofy. Seems like they are often created by the speakers who put themselves on the list. It seems to mee that I see press material that states that so-and-so is one of the “great motivational speakers.” Says who?

(Don’t get me wrong… I’ve seen a ton of speakers, and many of them are indeed great. Awesome, even. But it seems odd to me when people label themselves “great” or “Top 10.”) What I can say is that I have a long list of very happy clients who tell me that I’m exactly what they needed and more… that I’ve exceeded their expectations. And I can tell you that my clients invite me back again and again. Sounds like they consider me one of the Top 10, great motivational speakers, right?


Who are your comedic influences?

I have so many it is hard to count. My kids and my wife crack me up. I love the comedy of Bill Cosby, Ellen Degeneres, and Eddie Izzard. I loved the old Carol Burnet show. But I love going to comedy clubs to see the newer and younger folks coming up to. There is no short answer to this question. I love comedy and humor and I’m convinced that just immersing myself in all things comic and humorous is both useful… and very fun.


What is Brad’s Deep Thought ?

My deep thought, the thing I’d love to get across to you, is that I believe in this program. Through the use of humor, magic, comedy motivation and inspiration, I am able to get folks to drop their guard long enough to listen. And often they REALLY listen.

These days folks need both permission and instructions for using their senses of humor at work. It will help them be well, do well, and help their organization succeed. And they need it right now; they crave it.

I’d love to help you make a difference for your group and for your meeting or convention. If you are looking for a motivational speaker who can get your laughing AND thinking, and if you are looking for a speaker who really cares… I hope you’ll give us a call. I’d love to be your guy.

Thanks for taking the time to be here. I know that searching for a keynote speaker can be a pain… I’m glad you’re here. Call us and let us answer your questions. 303.691.0726 — Brad


Does Brad do Seminars?

Sure! I love ’em. The longer format really allows me to jump in deeper to my philosophies about risk taking, projecting a positive attitude (sounds boring but trust me: the way I approach this Topic is really fun), the power of “image” and why we should care more about ours, and my theories about the power of laughter and humor in our lives.

Not only does the audience end up with way more content and value in the motivational seminars, but – perhaps most importantly – they are really fun. My approach to the motivational seminars is WAY different than most speakers, and that is a fact the audience loves.


Brad is a “CSP.” What’s that?

It means Certified Speaking Professional, and it is a pretty big deal. Only 7% of speakers worldwide have achieved this designation awarded by the National Speakers Association.

Basically it is a mark of excellence, experience, and professionalism within the speaking profession.

(It’s like the good housekeeping stamp of approval; it means that Brad can deliver what he promises.)

It’s a pretty big deal in the professional speakers world. Brad is proud of it; it was hard to earn and means a lot. (For the record, his kids, his mom, and his neighbors don’t really care about it at all.)


About Motivational Speakers on the Platform

What makes Brad different from the others?

Here’s what my clients tell us:

1. Brad is genuinely funny. Really funny. Not just clever and amusing; we’re talking laugh-until-you-fall-out-of-your-chair funny. (This really happened: a woman from First American Title during one of Brad’s programs in Austin, TX fell out of her chair from laughing so much.)

2. Brad’s use of magic tricks is novel and fun. And very baffling! But best of all, the tricks and the humor support and illustrate the business lessons Brad teaches in his keynotes. In other words, tricks are for kids. But Brad’s magic and laugh-out-loud funny humor is the sizzle for the steak.

3. Brad’s message is genuine and from the heart. It isn’t canned, prepared and cliché. It’s what Brad lives and breathes. Your audience will sense that. (This trait is the secret weapon: Brad is a funny guy who speaks from the heart, and your group will respond.)

4. The impromptu humor is a home run. Clients tell us that Brad is at his best when he is working the audience with impromptu and spontaneous humor. Brad love’s to work his humor and comedy around the crowd, the recent buzz at the convention or meeting, and the audience volunteers he has on stage.


Is the humor safe? Clean? Dirty Jokes? Derogatory jokes? Isn’t comedy too risky?

My programs are crystal clean. Not only does my Grandmother think it is clean…everybody’s grandmother will think it is clean. But best of all, it is so darned funny that nobody will even notice that it is clean.

I feel strongly that we should not only present an inoffensive program that avoids racism, sexism, etc-ism, it should be so fun and funny that nobody notices.

My clients thank me after my events for keeping it crystal clean. But trust me, the audience doesn’t even become aware of the fact that I don’t curse. Or make fun of any ethnic or social groups. Or mention sex. They are too busy laughing to care.

Sure, you can have a program that is so clean it rivals Sesame Street-Meets-Andy-Griffith. But if they don’t laugh – and laugh hard! – it just doesn’t count


Why magic?

Brad: Because it is fun.

Actually, there is more to it than that. I love magic, got my start as a magician years and years ago, and am proud of my skills as a magician. But the honest truth is that nobody will leave this program talking about the amazing vanishing tiger or the appearing airplane. Yeah, I love magic but most of my audience is more taken by the humor and message than by the tricks. And that’s great; in fact that is the plan.

I use magic as an aide to get to the important part of the program – audience participation. We use magic tricks as an excuse to get folks up on stage with me. That’s where the really fun happens. Once they are on stage we are able to completely tailor the program to that group.

Why magic? It’s unique? A hilarious motivational speaker who uses knock-down-funny humor and magic to inspire, motivate and train? Awesome!


Why audience participation? Is that important?

Yes! It is one thing for a group to sit and listen to a talking head for an hour (or three.) But it is a new, totally different, and wonderful thing for your people to see their friends and co-workers take part in the program and the message. It makes the program more meaningful and more memorable. And… a whole lot more funny.

Once people are up on stage helping Brad, he’s able to talk to them about their jobs, their take on the convention, and even what may have happened that day. This interview format is a main ingredient to Brad’s humor. Not only does the fact that Brad hangs his humor on this interaction between himself and the audience helpers make the program more funny, but it also helps make the program more relevant and significant as well.

Clients often comment that this part of the program “feels like a ride.” We don’t know where we are going, but we know it is hilarious.


Does Brad pick on his audience volunteers? Embarrass them?

Nope. There are two reasons why I take care to make the experience with me onstage a positive one.

The first reason is that it just isn’t nice to pick on folks. I hate it when I go to a program and somebody singles me out and embarrasses me. So I work very hard to assure that the many individuals with whom I interact feel good about the themselves and the event while they are in the “limelight.”

So I don’t embarrass anybody. Sure, it is often hard to come up on stage. And yes, in some way, it can be slightly uncomfortable. But I do not mimic or belittle my helpers or my audience like you might see in a comedy club. And I don’t ask people to do anything that is embarrassing or awkward.

It sounds crazy and impossible. How can I bring folks who are reticent to help up on stage with me, ask them questions, talk to them, make joke, poke fun and do magic and NOT embarrass them? Well, the answer is difficult. But through my experience in thousands and thousands of performances I’ve found a way to make it work. I’m proud of my long list of clients who have me back time and time agai. The best way to keep my clients happy is to make sure we take care of their people.


What do Meeting Planners think of Brad?

They love him.

He is a pro, and he makes them look good by giving the audience value (and a really good time!)

But perhaps best of all, Brad’s really proud of his reputation as an easy-to-get-along-with speaker. He doesn’t have any bizarre requests, he flies coach with the rest of us, and is eager and willing to go the extra mile to be flexible and helpful.

We all know that some events -regardless of the planning – can surprise us with last minute changes. Brad has a black belt in making meeting planners look good by being part of the solution no matter what comes up.

And did we mention that audiences love him?


Exactly what is Brad’s message? What is his take-away value content?

Get ready, ’cause it’s pretty simple: Life is good. That’s pretty much it.

Although I have several different Topics, they are all variations on the theme that Life is Fun and Funny. And Filled With Magic. (Even-perhaps especially – our lives at work.)

Often the stresses of work, the fear of change, or just the overwhelming difficulty of day-to-day living can prevent us from enjoying ourselves, our families and our jobs. If we want to stay efficient, healthy and productive we need to be reminded that life can be fun. Sometimes it can be VERY fun. I’ve made it is passion to spread that word.

Part of the message is just demonstrated. Sure, I could tell the audience that it feels good to laugh, and that it helps our bodies in many physical ways. But instead I often tend to simply demonstrate it. Getting a group of people that work together but often DON’T laugh together rolling and falling out of their chairs is sometimes ‘message’ enough.

But for good measure, I have plenty to say about the value of perspective, attitude, and choice. I teach folks how to see the funny side of our lives, and how to harness the power of humor and laughter at work and at home.

In my programs you won’t hear the latest, deepest business philosophies. You won’t hear me talk about lost cheese or shark swimming. You’ll see a really funny program that reminds folks to lighten up, look at the bright side, and to apply humor to every single day.


About Booking Motivational Speakers | How to Hire Brad

How do travel expenses work?

There are two choices. Most clients just have us invoice actual expenses after the event. They include ground and air transportation (Coach… and we work hard to buy my tickets in advance to get the discount), meals, and parking.

Other clients prefer to have a single line-item fee for the program so that they know in advance what the total cost will be. No problem. In this case my travel agent estimates the total travel expenses and we add that to the speaking fee. No sweat. Just let us know in the office what you prefer and we’ll make it easy for you.

[Brad travels from Denver, Colorado – or wherever his last speech was. If Brad works for more than one client on the same trip he pro-rates the expenses and everybody saves money!]


How does Brad charge? By the hour? Event?

Brad’s fee is per event. The way we figure it is that once Brad is committed to you, he can’twork elsewhere. So the difference between speaking for 15 minutes or for 90 minutes is not an issue. The hard part-after Brad’s lifetime of preparation! — is reserving the date for you and getting to the event site.

[Usually Brad’s fee is “up to 90 minutes.” It is a bit more for a 1/2 day seminar, and more for a full day event.]


Any tips about Motivational Speaker Selection?

Yes! Check our our resources section (look for the section for folks trying to Hire a Motivational Speaker.) There are a couple of cool articles for you. But when you are trying to select a motivational speaker here are a couple of easy pointers: Have a long talk with your speaker. You need to make sure your speaker understands your needs. And you need to make sure you select a motivational speaker with whom you feel you can get along with and communicate with.

Check references. Your motivational speaker selection should be a speaker with more references than, as my grandmother said, “you can shake a stick at.” Choose a pro from the National Speakers Association, and look hard for the Certified Speaking Professional designation. (It is a pretty big deal.)

You should hear from past clients of your speaker, and you should check out at least a little bit of your speaker selection on tape or video.


Why is it worth spending good money on a funny speaker?

Well, first and foremost, my kids need new shoes. If that wasn’t a good enough reason, here are a few more juicy ones for you.

People learn best when they are laughing. A conference or meeting jammed with nothing but serious learning – even if it is super important, valuable stuff – will not be nearly as successful on any level as an important meeting that is also fun. My programs provide a much needed break. And a much needed energy boost.

Humor and laughter wake people up. Doctors have studied this stuff for years (and printed their findings in what amazingly are very un-funny papers) and they all tell us that if we give a group a good laugh they wake up a bit, feel better about themselves and the meeting, and are ready again to learn. As one association president recently told me, “After they laugh with you they are more ready to listen to what I need to tell them.”

People like humor. It sounds so simple it is cliché, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Why not give them some of what they crave?

A single hilarious speaker can set the tone for the entire event! And if it is important to you to have a tone that reflects interest, curiosity, light-heartedness, and simple gladness, this is your ticket.

Humor helps to fill the seats. I have many association clients who love to promote funny programs because it helps them get people to sign up for the convention. And when people have a great time laughing out loud, those folks are all the more ready to sign up for next year’s meeting.

People will remember and appreciate a really fun and funny program LONG after they remember the dessert, the open bar, or the goofy little plastic toy in their welcome bag. If you’re looking to save money – and these days who isn’t? – have the slightly cheaper main course. (By the time you save $1.50 per person here and there, you’ve easily budgeted enough for a funny speaker who will make you shine.)

Humor works. It makes us better at our jobs, it decreases stress, it makes us live longer, it helps us manage and be managed, and it helps us to deal with difficult times, change, and fear. Besides, it just feels good.

Fun and funny meetings boost morale WAY better than boring and dull ones. And good morale improves your bottom line.

Humor can help groups get through some tough Topics. For example, when I spoke to a group of folks from Washington Mutual, they were just starting an unpopular program where employees would have to bid on their working shifts. I joked about it in a way that brought the Topic out of the shadows and into the sunlight where we could laugh at it some – and fear it less. This was a new policy that was going happen whether the employees liked it or not. And by using humor to talk about it they were more ready to deal with it (as opposed to just complain about it.)

After my funny speech, when of the upper managers addressed the Topic it had already been demystified and the group was ready to discuss it in a more positive light.

My guess is that at some gut level, the importance of fun and play is obvious to us all. You just know that humor is important. You wouldn’t be reading this far if you didn’t already know that laughter is imperative in today’s fragile society. We live in a real world where everything must be rationalized and reasoned, and that’s fine. There are tons of excellent (and even scientific) reasons why humor is important to us as individuals, as businesses, and as meeting and convention planners. Humor is essential. If it is important to us in our jobs and with our families, shouldn’t we take that step and acknowledge that it can make our corporate and association events more successful, meaningful, and memorable.


How do we invite a motivational speaker to our conference?

No sweat! Just call ’em up and invite them! The process should be easy and painless. (We’d love for you to call us at 800.624.4280 and we’ll show you how easy it can be!) Seriously, professional motivational speakers have handled the booking process countless times and should be experienced at expediting some simple and clear paperwork with a minimum of hassle and stress.


Can we get Bulk discounts on Brad’s Products?

Yup. Many of our clients pre-purchase goodie bags or books for their group. Just call us for a price list.


Do we need to worry about Audio Visual Stuff?

Yup, but trust me… we make it simple.

We want you to get the most Bang for your Buck. The most important things are that I must be seen well (lights/platform) and heard well (microphone.) Easy stuff. There are some other more subtle details and they are available on Brad’s website.


How can we save money with Brad?

Ask me to do two programs at your meeting. Many groups have me do, for example, the opening keynote + a break-out session. Or for a keynote + the After Dinner entertainment.

[Not only do people love to get to know Brad a bit better by seeing him do more than one program, but it saves some significant money. Brad offers the second session at a discount. And you don’t have to pay for travel or expenses for the second speaker that you do not have to hire.]


Why are Brad’s books and products important to our group?

Brad: The more I speak professionally the more I believe that my goal as a motivational speaker should be to leave a LASTING impression on the group. And I think your goal in choosing a speaker should be to get that same Lasting impression. Sure, it’s meaningful and motivational for your group to have an awesome time laughing together. Sure, it’s important that – on their way out the door – they say things, like, “I’m gonna do that! I’m gonna work on lightening up and not taking myself and my problems too seriously.”

But the truth is that it is very hard – sometimes impossibly hard – to have even the best speakers work with a group for 45 or 60 minutes or even for a half-day and teach them skills that they actually implement in their lives at work and at home.

My books and products reinforce my message about humor and play. They help make the message stick.

As for the toys and gadgets’ I likes to make available to my groups, they serve an important purpose as well. As you know, I teaches specific skills to use humor and play to make our lives less stressful and more enjoyable. Part of my talk involves humor techniques using simple props, gags and toys. These kits enable your group to immediately implement the techniques and lessons taught in the keynote. They serve as physical reminders to reinforce my message of “lightening up.” Most of these items (with a couple of hilarious exceptions) are readily available if you spend an afternoon shopping. (Or if you spend some time at a work bench.) But this is the real world and most folks just plain won’t go to the trouble to acquire this humor gear on their own. They won’t go to the trouble to make or acquire the cool stuff, toys and tools in my Humor in the Workplace toolkit.

In order to get the most value from my program, many of my clients feel that it makes sense to have these items available for their group right then. This way their group can take these humor techniques and ideas back to their homes and offices, and they are able to joke their way through the remainder of the meeting or convention.

Besides, this stuff makes a convention or meeting really fun.

“If I hadn’t seen my nuclear engineers squeaking and laughing at the coffee break after your keynote I would have never believed it! Those silly squeakers were riotous and were just what we needed to keep the tone – which you started in your talk – going through the day, the conference, and hopefully through out the year.” – Utilities Service Alliance

We all know that it is one thing to get excited about changing our lives after we see an electrifying speaker. It is another thing to actually make those changes. These fun-filled items help your audience to bridge that gap.



More About Selecting Motivational Speakers

What are motivational speakers? What is the definition of “motivational speakers?”

Definition of motivational speakers: A motivational speaker is a professional speaker who – through the use of well-honed, professional, and often entertaining platform skills – can take a group of people and make them feel… well…er…. Motivated.

I love motivational speakers. They make me feel like my goals are within reach. They make me want to turn off the television and read a book. They make me want to play with their kids. They make me feel motivated to do the things I WANT to do but sometimes don’t have the strength of self-control to do by myself.

Let’s face it: most of your people know what they should do and how to do it. But they don’t. Why? They are missing motivation.

Everybody successful person -regardless of how you define success – needs to be motivated on a regular basis. Self motivation is important. Motivation through reading the right books and spending time with the right people is also important. But consistent exposure to professional motivational keynote speakers can be a huge help to everybody who is willing and eager to better themselves, their position, and their results. My advice: invite a motivational speaker to your event today! Which motivational speaker should you invite? … Just Book Brad.


What are sales motivational speakers?

Sales motivational speakers are speakers who have programs that are specifically suited to sales staffs and teams. If you can fire up a sales force; if you can make them feel great about themselves, their jobs, and – perhaps most importantly – their futures in sales… than you are a sales motivational speaker.

I love working with groups of sales people. I love their energy and excitement. And as – believe it or not – I view my job primarily as a sales job I feel very much connected with sales audiences, their stresses, their problems, and even their successes. I’m comfortable with most groups, but I am perhaps especially comfy with folks bring me in to be a sales motivational speaker.


What is a professional motivational speaker for kids? Is there such a thing?

In the words of my 14 year old baby sitter, “Yeah, totally!” I love working with kids. It takes a certain personality type who can relate to – and hold the attention of – youth. Students are a really tough crowd to please. And their educators and advisors can be equally tough.

My back ground as a corporate magician and comedian really help me with both groups. No kid – should I say “student?” – will beg their teachers and parents for a professional motivational speaker for kids. But I can tell you that they love the magic. And they love the comedy. And they love the audience involvement and interaction. And usually they are so wrapped in the laughter and the entertainment that they barely notice that we are motivating them with regards to their attitudes and the power of their potential.

My theory has always been that people learn best when they are laughing. And when you are a motivational speaker for kids NOTHING could be more true.


What is a magician keynote speaker?

In a word? Brad!

Brad is a Certified Speaking Professional motivational speaker who is also an award winning corporate magician. In Brad’s keynotes he uses magic, (together with healthy doses of motivational speaker humor and audience participation) to deliver a very entertaining keynote that educates and entertains. Brad draws on his skills and experience as a corporate magician and comedian to make sure his keynotes keep your audience on the edge of their seats with smiles on their faces.

Often — VERY often — Brad doesn’t do any magic at all during his keynote speech. It depends on what you as the client want, and what you are hoping to achieve. What outcome are you looking for from your motivational speaker? Let Brad share his experience with you as to when you want just a funny speaker, and when you want a magician keynote speaker.


What is the difference between a Public Speaker and a professional speaker?

Honestly? I have no clue. But you’d be surprised how often we have people who want to know what we do. Seems to me that, unless you are talking to yourself, you are some sort of public speaker! (So I guess that makes me a “public motivational speaker and humorist?” Oh heck, just call me “Brad.”)


What’s wrong with motivational speakers?

Nothing. I love them. (I am one!)

But if you take a group of sophisticated, well-educated adults and ask them what is wrong with motivational speakers you’ll get a long list of perceived problems. “They all say the same thing. ” “We’ve heard it before. ” “It doesn’t apply to me.”

The irony is that often the folks who need motivation the most are the first ones to complain about motivational speakers.

That brings up a real problem; how do you take this same group of sophisticated, well-educated, been-there-and-done-that adults and remind them of things that they need to know but may not want to hear? How do you motivate them?

For me the answer lies in a really fun program that uses humor and magic tricks to get people to relax, laugh and listen. If we can get them wiping their eyes with laughter while they grab-their-sides from laughing so hard we can also get them to listen to a few points of wisdom.


What’s the difference between a comedian and a humorist?

A comedian is really funny. A humorist is also really funny, offers a message as well as a laugh.

I’m is a humorist with a simple yet powerful point. But I’m really proud that my audiences laugh and laugh hard! (Although many clients still want me to just be funny… no problem. I got my start as an entertainer and still feel very comfortable being a comedian/magician. Many of my clients have me do both during the same convention. For example I’ll do a keynote in the daytime, and then do the after dinner entertainment at the banquet.)


We had a motivational speaker last year. Shouldn’t we have something different?

Well, first of all, I am different. Just ask my wife.

I heard somebody smarter than me(no, I don’t know who it was. There are so many people smarter than me it can get tough…) say once that taking a shower is a little tiny bit like seeing a motivational speaker. It is important, necessary and helpful. But just because you do it once doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it regularly.

[Brad is proud to shower regularly.]


Random Fun and Final Stuff

What makes Caesar salad so darned good?

It’s gotta be the garlic. But I like the anchovies too. (Don’t tell anybody.)


What if I have more questions?

No sweat. Give our office a call: 800.624.4280 We like to talk. Brad LOVES to talk.


What’s the secret to excellent meatballs

Brown them first before you put them in the sauce to cook.


What is your Favorite Color?

Blue. Green. Whatever.


That’s It! You’re done! Still have questions? Go to the contact page. By now, I think it’s time for you to hire Brad. He’s good. He’s professional. He’s funny. He has tons of experience and a LONG list of happy clients. And he’ll help you solve your problems today.

Contact him and Just Book Brad.

Brad Montgomery is a Motivational Speaker who works across the country and around the world.  He’s based in Colorado, but travels.  A lot.  An awful lot.  If you’re ready to talk to Brad about how he can help you get your people to where they need to be, give us a call a 303.691.0726     Or if you just need a high-energy keynote for your organization, contact us today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]