Howdy USDA Farm Service Folks.  I loved being your speaker in South Dakota a short while back. I wanted to check in with you, and made a special video JUST for you.  (Ain’t that special!)

I seem a bit squished in the video… must pushed the wrong button on the video camera.  But hey, it’s easier than going on a diet.

Use the comment form below to tell me what you “took away” from our time together.  Did you have an “Ah Ha” moment?  What was it?  Let me know in the comments below.

Now, pop that corn and check out your video…

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Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, South Dakota Speaker, Fan of the USDA
South Dakota Speaker for the USDA

The military Uncle Sam that is!

I’m not gonna get into whether or not the current war is a great idea or not. But, one thing is certain: our men and women in the military are worthy of the utmost respect. They sacrifice a lot for their families — and us — and place themselves (often) in harm’s way for our country’s freedom. In a time of economic disparity and political uncertainties for our military, I cannot think of an audience who needs a bit of a “humor reminder” more than military audiences.

Here’s a photo of me working on stage in front of an Air Force audience doing an audience participation bit with an officer. We all really had a lot of fun doing this interactive session and I hope to be able to join them another time to help lighten things up again.

I’ve spoken to several military audiences— and I love them. I’ve been able to share humor with them, understand their lives a little better and become educated as well. These folks work hard at a job that couldn’t be more serious. You might think that military audiences are harder for humorists like me. Not so. They are actually one of my most favorite audiences to speak to. They are appreciative and responsive. And best of all, they need what I have to offer. (And don’t we all feel good when what we do is not only appreciated but needed?)

Have you ever had to address a difficult audience? How did you do it? Or, have you ever been the difficult audience? What did you think of the speaker?

Can you guess what my least favorite audience is? Comment away!