I recently got back from Scott Air Force Base in Missouri.  I was totally pleased to learn that the commander was interested in creating greater resiliency for his Airmen.   So my job was to do just that…but in a very funny way of course.   We had a blast… Thanks Scott!  Thanks Col. Hornachek!


Brad with Colonel Hornachek

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boeing image logoIf I were trying to pick one motivational speaker among many, I’d want to know:
1. Are they really funny? (Or do they just say they are?)

2. Will my group or organization feel like he “gets” us? Or is he just presenting the same old crap to my audience he delivered last month at the Rotary Club?

3. And finally, I would want to make sure he can provide a LONG list of recent and very happy clients. Seriously…they gotta be recent, they have to be real, and they need to rave.

And frankly, it’s kinda cool — though not a deal breaker — if your potential motivational speaker has spoken groups you’ve actually heard of.

Well…lucky me, because here is a video taken of the Boeing meeting planner in St. Louis Missouri where I recently presented a keynote. (It was 2 hours….so it was sort of a keynote speech on steroids.) It went well, the group was fabulous, and here’s VK with her words right after the speech.

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Brad Montgomery
Missouri Motivational Speaker, Humor in the Workplace Expert, Fan of Boeing

For you readers, here’s a transcription of the video:
He far exceeded our expectations. It was funny and he was able to give us tips that we can use every day and we would definitely like to have him back.

He talked with me about our day to day job and what we do and he was able to use that and be relevant within his presentation and really talk about things that related with the audience and what they would need for their jobs and things they can relate to. And compared to other presenters, he did an awesome job at bringing humor in and really keeping it relevant. People enjoyed it but they did walk away with some really great information and tips that they can use.

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boeing image logoHey Boeing!   It was a total blast to be part of your event in St. Louis.   As a surprise to you, (How Cool is That!?) here’s a brief follow-up video to remind you of some of the fun stuff we covered when we were together on Last Tuesday.

Here’s an ethical bribe:   leave a comment (scroll down and leave it below) and tell us what YOU are doing or thinking differently based on our time together and I’ll send you a gift.  No silly….not a crystal bowl.  But it’s fun.  It’s free.  And it’s my treat.

Here’s a very casual (which translates to “I made it with my phone!”)  video I created in the St. Louis airport just for you.  Thanks again… and don’t forget to comment.  Cheers and thanks.

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Thanks Boeing.  It was my distinct pleasure!

Have a great day….. and don’t forget the bribe:   leave a comment below about what you learned and are doing differently and I’ll send you a treat!

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For those of you who prefer to read, here is a transcription:
Hi friends it’s Brad Montgomery from  I put together a special video just for you because I wanted to thank you for all of your time and attention today.  But also to remind you of what we covered today because I know since then you’ve had some difficult times, you’ve had like what, 10,000 emails, all kinds of emergencies, let’s see if we can’t remind you how to connect happiness to your bottom line.  Because remember the concept was that if we enjoy our time at the link we are going to be better and more productive and more efficient, more effective at Boeing.  So how do we do that? You know how.  Remember all that fun we had this morning?  The laughing and the joking and the carrying on, that feeling is to go, you’re job is to bring it back home and especially bring it back to Boeing because it will make it you better and because you know how.

Here’s the 3 points we covered this morning.  First, I want you to find happiness. Find things that remind you that life is good. I mean how cool is it to work for Boeing?  You’re involved with the space shuttle. You know, you see planes landing every single day that you guys have a piece of supporting. How cool is that?  How cool is it that you just finished up a really cool administrative admin week, how cool is that?  How cool is it that you’re getting a reminder video from a guy, Brad Montgomery that you’ve already forgotten about?  How cool is that?  I’m at the airport in St. Louis getting ready to take off to go home and it’s going to be a Boeing plane. Woo Hoo! How cool is that!? So the first step is a gratitude piece, find things that remind you that life is good.

The second step is a choice. I want you to choose happy, think happy.  Remember that if you want to enjoy your life at home and especially your life at work, part of the equation is deciding that you want to enjoy your time at Boeing. So either that has to be a conscious decision, do you want to have a good time or not? I’m thinking you do. I want to make sure you make that conscious decision.

Now finally, there’s an active piece. You’ve got to be physically active in doing something that creates levity, light-heartedness, joy, humor, fun at work. So I don’t know what this means for you. Maybe it means you really do put a magnet in your coffee cup and drive around St. Louis or maybe it just means you make a point to bring some humor to work. You play at work, you put a clown nose on, I don’t care, do something. Whatever it is, do something.

Finally, I just wanted to remind you how much I appreciated being part of it. It was very cool to be in the Boeing building with you guys in St. Louis.  It was very fun to be your motivational speaker, but the coolest part was watching your faces start from kind of serious and busy and over-worked and end where you ended just feelings to go.  You people deserve it, you’ve been working hard.  Life has not been easy lately and I know you guys work hard at Boeing, you deserve to really enjoy it. So find happy, choose happy, act happy.

There’s more stuff at including a bribe.  All right, so here’s the bribe, if you leave a comment, there’s a button, I don’t know where the buttons are.  Look down, there’s a button and leave a comment and tell me what specific thing are you doing or thinking differently based on our time together.  If you tell me what you’re doing or thinking differently, what I’ll do is I’ll send you a gift.  No, it’s not a Ford Explorer. No, it’s not a space shuttle.  But it’s cool and it’s my treat and all you have to do is leave a comment and tell me what you’re doing differently based on our time together.

All right, thank you so much, if you have any questions or comments let me know. You can contact me through the website right here and really thank you so much, just an absolute pleasure to be part of it.  Have a great day Boeing.  Thanks Admins.

Get off Your CASE and Do Something!

I’m just back from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (Region VI) in St. Louis, Missouri.  We had a great time talking about how those people in the Advancement Professionals  — a job title that still cracks me up — can incorporate humor, levity and lightheartedness in work in order to achieve more at work.

Here’s my short summary and reminder video.

Hey CASE VI!   Leave a comment in the space below and I’ll send ya an Ethical Bribe.  Yup, I’ll send you something.  Nope, not a$100 bill or a Toyota Corolla, but it’s fun and you’ll like it.  Promise!

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Brad Montgomery
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For those of you who prefer to read (and blow off the video) here ya go:


Hey CASE VI, it’s Brad Montgomery from Brad  Thank you so much.  It was so cool being the keynote speaker in St. Louis.  I promised you a quick follow up and I wanted to remind you of the three tools, the three ideas that we talked about that are going to remind you to bring levity and lightheartedness and humor and even joy back to work.  First, find happy starting right now.  Find things that remind you that life is good and my game was how cool is that.  You’re getting a follow up video from a speaker you saw just recently – how cool is that.

All right, the second thing is choice, right.  Pick happy; it’s a choice.  If you want to have a good day at work today and tomorrow; if you want your teams to have a good day at work; if you want work to be fun for you then part of it is making that conscious choice.  Remember we talked about this when we were in St. Louis.  Well, I’m telling you if it’s important to you are you willing to make that choice.  Can you lead the way.

And then finally, the third one was act happy.  What are you physically going to do today to create joy and humor for yourself, for your family, for your team, for your organization and I’m suggesting you’re going to have to do something so maybe that means something crazy like wear a clown nose at work or maybe it just means listen to funny stuff, read positive stuff, linger over the funny pages or tell a knock-knock joke to your cat.

Brad Montgomery, Brad  If you leave a comment below on this blog I promise I’ll send you something fun but let me know what you’re going to do differently based on our time together.  Thanks CASE VI, it was a blast.