Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes to motivational speakers when they’re working?   Check out this (admittedly) home made video of a job I just did in Alabama for the DAU.   (Defense Acquisition University.)   They asked me to be their military speaker and present a funny speech for their hard working group.

Check out this 3 min. video to see what a fairly typical date is like for me:

What’s my point? I’m not sure I have one.  But I can tell you this:   defense acquisition universitymotivational speakers work hard.  The travel, preparation and details can be taxing.  But what we get out of it (at least for the good speakers) is way more than a pay check.    We have fun.  I know I did.

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Some testimonials from DAU about my work as a military speaker. Go there now.
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See the same Behind the Scenes of a Motivational Speaker video (above) on YouTube.

We were going through some photos here at the office and found this fun photo of Brad with General Byers at a military conference in St. Louis.

What I love about this photo is that it proves that some of the most powerful people in the military are able to have — and demonstrate a sense of humor. Thanks General Byers. It was a total honor to work with your team.

Brad with General Byers

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I recently got back from Scott Air Force Base in Missouri.  I was totally pleased to learn that the commander was interested in creating greater resiliency for his Airmen.   So my job was to do just that…but in a very funny way of course.   We had a blast… Thanks Scott!  Thanks Col. Hornachek!


Brad with Colonel Hornachek

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I love being a motivational speaker. But honestly, there are some jobs that are more fun than others. And for me, that often means military audiences. (Hey corporate and association pals… I love you too! But you got to admit it: the military is special.)  If you’re looking for a military speaker you want to make sure they are good; check out this video from an Air Force event I did….


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For those of you who prefer to read, here is the transcript:

Speaker: And in all of the years that we have done this, this was the absolute top event and over the top, hit the message right on.

Brad: The point is that tiny, tiny changes when added together can make a huge difference.

Speaker: I wasn’t quite sure going in. We had a couple of questions; was it the right speaker? Was it the right message? I have no doubts today. If you’re out there, you know, Sergeant Snuffy, Airman, Colonel, Mister looking at an event, Brad was the guy. He was a great guy for our event. Everybody left from the top to the bottom knowing it was one message. For our group, two at the same time, you know in the military we’re an industry. Time is important. Saving money is important and what we do every day, and we can either enjoy it, or we can make our lives miserable and regret all the cuts that’s coming down the line, and he just picked everybody up and gave us a new focus where we can look at life a little bit differently and go out and do our jobs, so hey, book Brad Montgomery

I love being a motivational speaker;  but being a motivational speaker for the Air Force is very, VERY cool.    I recently spoke at Scott Air Force Base in Missouri.  Their commander wanted a funny speaker to speak on resilience and attitude.  I was thrilled to be invited.

Check out this phone video I took:

Thanks Scott AFB!

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Brad Montgomery
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For those of you who prefer to read, here is the transcript:

Brad Montgomery from and I’m at Scott Air Force Base and I’m about to go in that theatre, it’s theatre, it doesn’t look like a theatre, but it’s a theatre and there’s going to be a whole bunch of airmen in there; there’s going to be some Marines, National Guard; there might be Navy, might be Coast Guard; everyone is here at Scott.  And my job is go and motivate these guys that have been busting their hump, they’re working hard, and happily their Commander really thinks it’s important for them to work on resilience and making sure that the rest of their life is in line with their mission.  So wish me luck.

A blast!  We just left the base.  Oh man, two programs we did, two key notes for these military audiences.  Really love being a motivational speaker.  My corporate clients, I love you; association clients I love you too; government clients, I love you, but okay, forgive me.  There’s something really cool about being a military speaker, because this is a group that just works so hard and some of them are just back from deployment, they’re preparing for deployment.  They have these super, incredible, important, detail rich jobs and then to stand in front of them and to be able to celebrate their success, to talk about resiliency, to motivate them, to appreciate them, and just to be a part of that for just a little bit is just a cool job.  So, Scott Air Force Base you rock.  Thanks for making me a part of your team if it was only just for the day and cheers to you.

Yes, if you are Air Force Sergeant David Bamburg. (Or, as he calls himself: MSgt (Ret) “Super Dave” Bamburg) I spoke about a year ago to the Air Force Sergeant’s Association and was amazed and honored to be in front of this terrific group.  (Hey!  The Air Force needs speakers too… and given our state of war, probably more than the rest of us.)
(See that post here.)

As part of my motivational speech, I had a joke relating to how we need to sometimes actively do things to make our lives fun. I talked about “Getting On Board” and also “Riding the Pony.” It was a metaphor. A joke.

My new friend Sergeant Bamburg was in the audience and he has taken that joke to Air Force : ride the ponyheart.He has clearly “gotten on board.” He has sent me photos of him riding a pony outside of a store (the 1¢ machine pony) and now check out his latest letter and photo.

The fun never dies. We recently had our AFSA Division convention in Las Vegas, NV. I couldn’t resist bringing along a friends stick

Brad — The fun never dies. We recently had our AFSA Division convention in Las Vegas, NV. I couldn’t resist bringing along a friends stick pony. Yes, they even allowed it on the plane. The photo is of our chapter’s NCO nominee, MSgt Bryan Dean, and one of the 11th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, CMSgt air force pony(ret) Dave Campanale. I tried to get Bryan to hold the pony and we he refused, the Chief grabbed it from me and said he’d do it. “How Cool is That” What was even better is the pony made horse sounds when you pressed its ear. — DAVID A. BAMBURG, GS-05, USAF

He gets it. He is having fun, because he is MAKING his life fun. He is doing wacky stuff, and the result can be seen in the smile on his face. What are you doing to Get On Board? What are YOU doing to actively create fun?

Thanks David. Ride that pony!

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As I write this post, I’m sitting in United seat 7F on the way back from speaking for the Senior Acquisition Leaders event in Atlanta, Georgia.

What can I say? Where to start?

They flattered me with a standing ovation. Which, coming from these hardened career military folks was flattering. Apparently they thought it went well. And I’m glad. Very glad.

But what really stood out for me was what a special time I had. I was absolutely thrilled to be part of the event. There is something special about working for the military. I’ve done it a few times before, and it is always special. And this speech and that crowd absolutely touched me.

I love speaking to corporate groups… they are good people, hard workers, and I’m convinced that they really need a message of lightness and fun. But working for the military is a whole different beast because they are passionate about their jobs. Passionate. They have a call to serve, and their amazing attitudes are infectious.

Take for example Lt. General Donald Hoffman. He told me minutes before my program that, “They don’t pay us for us not to have a good time.” General Hoffman is a fun, upbeat leader who strongly believes that we need to take ourselves less seriously — especially perhaps those people in such serious jobs as the Air Force.

“Don’t get me wrong,” General Hoffman continued, “This is a serious job. We make planes, drop bombs and kill people. We’re not all fun and games. And we’re not in this to make people laugh.” But he went on to say that if you are that stereo-typical all-serious military guy you burn out, your people burn out, and you never get the results you are after.

I loved how he made the distinction between having a sense of humor and being funny. I totally agree: you don’t have to make jokes and tease people in order to lighten the workplace. Humor in the workplace doesn’t always mean (and sometimes should NOT mean) laughing or making others laugh. But it always means being about to take yourself a bit lesseriously. It means having and using a sense of humor yourself.

Wow. Humor in the military? Humor in leadership? Humor during a time of war? You bet, if you believe this general. And the most wonderful thing is that his attitude and leadership strategy is obviously working — just look at the three stars on his shoulder.

General Hoffman… it was an honor to speak to your group. Thank so much for including me.


(Follow the Air Force’s Lead… book Brad to be YOUR funny motivational speaker.)

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