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What’s the Process for Hiring a Speaker?


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Motivational speakers have one job—that’s to deliver a rousing speech that will energize the workforce into becoming more productive for the company—or do they? Many companies are foregoing hiring motivational speakers because speakers “don’t represent an effective return on investment (ROI)”.

This may be the case for many businesses and motivational speakers, but this is probably because businesses don’t know how to use their speakers correctly. Managers need to realize that while motivational speakers can arguably only do one thing – talking – there are so many ways they can take advantage of it.

More Ways Than OneCHG-454

Here’s a fact: motivational speakers thrive on energy, and the more things companies give them to do, the happier and more important they feel. A manager can book a speaker to discuss a specific topic for an hour out of a weekend event, but that’s hardly a smart use of the speaker’s time, and the company’s money.

Ask motivational speakers to take on jobs such as joining a panel, emceeing a Q&A session, or even hosting a debate. This strategy allows the company to get more bang for their buck upon hiring the speaker, and it allows the latter more opportunities to improve their image to the audience of the various events. It’s a win-win strategy for both parties, but there will of course be questions about whether the speaker would agree to such terms.

Lazy Speakers are Dead Speakers

We can’t think of a good reason why any motivational speaker would turn down more opportunities to make them shine. Speakers depend on invitations and audiences willing to listen to what they have to say on a specific topic. The only way to ensure that is to make as many people as possible aware of what they have to offer, and speaking for one hour out of a weekend event simply won’t cut it.

Motivational speakers are human Swiss army knives that companies can use in a variety of different ways to get a better ROI, as well as elevating their profile as an authority in the field. If you want more tips on how motivational speakers can help your business, explore the rest of our website, or contact us today. Brad Montgomery has over twenty-five years of experience, speaking at different events, and knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the speaking business.