Let’s face it: your people know what to do when it comes to how to treat other people, but they don’t always do it. They don’t need more information or training—they need motivation. This is where I can be helpful: closing the gap between what they know and what they actually do.

I’m just back from doing my motivational speaker thing for a healthcare group in Farm-bureau-201247Georgia.

I thought the program went really well.… The audience came along nicely, the reviews were terrific, the valuations were flattering. But when I turned my camera onto my meeting planner he was kind enough to raise as well.


If you are looking for a motivational speaker for your business audience or healthcare audience I would love to be your guy. Give us a call and we’ll talk about how we will customize a program just for you, your audience, their stresses, their joys, and most importantly what can be done to improve everybody’s performance.

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Can Your Motivational Speaker REALLY Create Change?

I just spoke for an amazing group of healthcare management administrators in Georgia. These are the good people who are behind the management side of healthcare. They hired me to be an motivational speaker, but they also needed a strong business message… They needed an outsider to help them face the incredible changes that are rocking their jobs.

I was flattered when my client — my meeting planner, David — told me that one of his favorite parts of the keynote was to see that his audience changed from the start to the end.

At the beginning they were tired… The night before they were out partying and… perhaps sharing some adult beverages. (Let’s be honest… Some of them were fine, but a couple had headaches.) So when they arrived for my keynote they were tired, suspicious, and anything but engaged. They had the look on their faces and with their body language that said, “Ok, Bud. Impress us. See if you can.”

But slowly and surely these business people started to come along, grow, laugh, smile, and really embrace my message about happiness at work working as a strategy for excellence on the job.

And because my program was interactive, it was fun to watch them start the exercises with absolute skepticism and proceed to — what looked like — absolute profound satisfaction.

As a speaker it was a pleasure to see this audience change from start to finish. But it was totally rewarding to know that my client was beyond satisfied.

How do you know if YOU healthcare speaker is any good? Check out video and testimonials about your speaker.

If you’re looking for a motivational speaker who is both funny and has a strong business message; if you’re looking for a keynote speaker to blow your healthcare audience away, I hope you’ll contact us now.

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Health Care Speaker Testimonials On YouTube

I recently worked as a healthcare motivational speaker for 250 nurses in a Colorado hospital. These nurses are doing a lot of amazing things dealing with change… And funny motivational speakerstheir leaders they asked me to come in to encourage them and help put all of the incredible changes our healthcare system in general, and their hospital in particular are going through into perspective.   And to give their nurses some concrete suggestions and tactics to be both better leaders and to better manage change.

We had a great time.  There was a ton of laughter in that room.  But what I think is more important is that all of us left that event with new ideas we will incorporate into our jobs.These are some amazing people that make a difference every single day. With their permission I am sharing a little bit of their email.

It was most definitely epic!  I loved every minute of it!  I will be passing your info along to a couple other organizations in the Northern Colorado area.  The questions were great and it was wonderful for you to have so much “insider” information into our organization.  I bet even Chief Nancy was surprised by how much you knew!  It was perfect!  Our next team meeting is the 3rd week of May….I’ll email you back then with the group’s feedback.

Diana and Ruth are correct.  I was shocked that Diana actually said anything.  She is usually pretty quiet and reserved in large groups, but she must have really felt that the feedback about Ruth was important to share.  It is those “little” moments in our days that can mean so much to patients and co-workers, and we seldom are aware of that.

Thanks again for your message!  I will be sending out occasional e-mails reminding the team of some of your content…especially the manifesto.  Loved it!!!!

Enjoy your weekend with your family!

Longmont United Hospital

Aw Shucks!   If you are looking for a healthcare speaker; a motivational speaker who can fire up your troops, incorporate your message, and in the end, help your people to deliver better patient satisfaction, I hope you’ll give us a call.

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Today I got the coolest letter from the Chief Nursing Officer at the healthcare speakerhospital I spoke to last week:

Hi Brad,

I just wanted to thank you so much for your uplifting, inspirational and FUN presentation. We are ALL still smiling. I have received nothing but positive feedback about what a great experience it was to spend two hours with you. Most importantly, you left us with words to live by. Hopi Moore, one of the nurses you met after your presentation, promotes a kindness campaign by sending positive emails to all hospital employees. Today she sent the following:

Find Happy
Pick Happy
Lead Happy
Act Happy
~ Brad Montgomery

We all get to make the choice…….. choose HAPPY!

Thank you so much for choosing to “Lead Happy!”

(Name withheld for privacy)

Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
Longmont United Hospital

What drives you? What drives me are letters like this one. Thanks so much LUH.

Are you looking for a funny healthcare motivational speaker? I hope you’ll give us a shout.

Brad Montgomery
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Check out this amazing letter from a group of health care professionals at Paoli Hospital in Pennsylvania.

My job was to motivate a bunch of nurses to lead their nursing teams, especially when it comes to excellence in end of life care, palliative care and hospice care.

I’ve been a hospice and palliative speaker many times in the past, so this was a comfort zone.  Plus I love speaking for hospital and health care groups.

But this group was special:  they had been through three days of training;  three days of speakers.  And my job was to spend the afternoon with them and tie up all of their learning into one big, funny, motivational package.  It was a blast.  Thanks Paoli!

Ok, here’s the letter about my work in Pennsylvania:

Hi Brad,

Just wanted to say “THANKS”….you were great, and got awesome feedback.  I asked class participants to rate each speaker on a scale of 1 (bad) to 5 (best).  Pretty much everyone gave you all 5’s, except for a few that gave you 10’s!  How cool is that!!

You really helped the class get excited about taking their new knowledge back to their colleagues.  One nurse from one of our local nursing homes, told me that she was so excited about going back to educate her colleagues & she felt it was the best conference she had ever been to!

You should feel good about yourself because you were definitely part motivating this group of nurses, and as a result many people with very serious illness will benefit; and have an easier time at one of the most difficult times of their lives.  I realy appreciated that you took time to make it so relevant to our group.

I am attaching the group picture (the nurses from Oman sent it to me…..they loved the class….it was really fun to see them loosen up….although I can’t imaging what they think of us here in the US now!)

Thanks again!


PS:  Next year I’ll look for the scratch & sniff hospital-smells stickers, instead of the Fruit smells.
Thought you’d want to know….Clostridium difficile, often called “C. diff,” is a bacterium that can cause symptoms ranging from diarrhea to life-threatening inflammation of the colon. Illness from C. diff most commonly affects older adults in hospitals or in long term care facilities and typically occurs after use of antibiotic medications.
Smells like…..MOLDY…like stale bread…tinged with a little skunk…and allowed to ferment to give it that special smelled ya don’t want to get to know ya effect.

PPS:  I’m copying my boss on this, she’s really going to think I’m nuts now!


Here are a few more comments from you “evaluations”….don’t get too big of a head now…..

Amazing speaker, great humor.  EXCELLENT!  Best speaker that I have ever heard.  Loved him!  Phenomenal speaker!  HAPPY, HAPPY!   Great speaker…I really enjoyed him!  Excellent…Fun!  I LOVED it!   Fantastic, entertaining & informative!  Great fun!  Excellent…the Best!  Excellent job!  Funny, hilarious!  Main Line Health should have him come for all the employees!  Excellent presenter! Please have him come once a year…he was wonderful!  AWESOME!!!  Fantastic…great take-away message!   FUN!  Best I have ever heard! Hilarious!  Really got us motivated.  Awesome speaker!  Taught a lot of good skills such as listening and team work.  That was COOL!  GREAT!  What an amazing speaker….Brad was the perfect way to conclude this training….thank you!

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I love nurses. Not in the way you’re thinking. : ) I mean I love speaking to audiences of nurses.

I recently was in Kansas working for a group Nursesof oncology nurses (or is it a pride of nurses? A gaggle?) and had an absolute blast.

What set’s nurses apart from other audiences? Even health care audiences? Besides the scrubs, quite a bit. They are over worked and underpaid. (Ok, so that doesn’t make them unique.) And their hard work with sick and critically ill patients makes them quick to laugh and ready for a dose of levity.

They are in desperate need of a break from their lives, and are eager and ready to learn any tips and tricks you have to share about how to deal with the constant stresses and change associated with healthcare. So being a speaker is always fun. But being a healthcare speaker for nurses is double cool.

One of my favorite parts of this particular speech was that I followed a doctor who had a fairly serious program about the business of healthcare. Then, just as I started he left. So…. we…. er… I…. talked about him. I gently poked fun at doctors in general (which all nurses love!) and him in particular. I didn’t cross the line. But I may have visited it.

The audience went wild. As a motivational health care speaker, I find it fun to incorporate the audiences specifics into my program. But this doctor presenting just before my program was a gift from the Comedy Gods. It was a hoot.

Check out this video filmed RIGHT after the program:

health care speaker
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