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Like you, I’m always looking for ways to make me happy. Some of us find happiness in service, in the bottom of a bourbon bottle, exercising, etc. But we all know you cannot buy happiness…right? Wrong. Check out this video where I was able to buy a GREAT mood for $2.50:

As a motivational speaker I often speak on contacting happiness to bottom line success.

Turns out that all we really need is a light heart and a trip to 7-11.

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Brad Montgomery
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For those of you who prefer to read, here is the transcript:

Brad Montgomery from with a message for you about what are you going to do today to make your day better. So, I did something really cool that I sort of did by accident. I used to do it pretty frequently and I kind of forgot about it, but the bottom line is I bought two people a cup of coffee, which doesn’t sound that fun, but it was. So, I’m on my way to a job and I stopped by 711 for a cup of coffee, because I have high standards, and I’m pouring my coffee and there’s these two Mexicans come in and they’re getting coffee. And I talked to them in English, but they’re speaking Spanish to each other and if you don’t know this, I lived in Mexico last year, so I have this really deep bond with just all things Mexican, because when we were in Mexico, I’m telling you countless Mexicans went way out of their way to be generous to me and to my kids, my wife, and to my family. So, I’m thinking of that and I’m kind of too shy to speak Spanish to them and whatever.

So then I get up there and I greet them, you know, in English, and I get up there to pay for my coffee and I just figured, oh I want to pay for those guys. There’s two guys over there getting coffee, when they get up here make it free and don’t tell them who did it, just tell them that somebody bought their coffee and to have a good day. And I’m wondering if they speak English, because they clearly, you know they were speaking Spanish to each other. Anyway, so I taught her how to say have a good day” in case they didn’t know and I felt great about it and the cashier got a big grin on her face, because I think she felt like oh, cool I’m going to be part of something fun. And I walk out of the door yelling to myself that was fun, and when I turn back the cahier still had a big grin on her face.

So, sometime after I left those guys walked up and got a free cup of coffee and guess what, it made me feel good. Hopefully, it made their day good, but mostly it made me feel great and it was kind of a great way to pay it forward, and it only cost me like $2.50 or something ridiculous.

So, what am I saying? I’m saying take responsibility for making your day good. Find stuff to physically do to make you day good and I was reminded today that one good idea is to buy some stranger a cup of coffee. Alright, Brad Montgomery,, if you’re looking for a speaker, a motivational speaker, or a presenter to speech a key note or seminar for you or your organization about levity and lightheartedness and how to bring that into the workplace, I’d love to be your guy, and I’ll even buy you a cup of coffee. Have a great day.

I’ve got myself all dressed up purdy for Halloween. But I’ve also got a pretty cool point about using levity and humor for a tool. Check out the video:

What’s my point?   What are you gonna DO today to createvideo levity, lightheartedness and joy?  For yourself? For your family?  For your organization?  Your team?   All of the attitude adjustments in the world are great, but without action you have nothing.

So get out there…and act happy.   Your people need you.  And it will help you to get what you want.

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Brad Montgomery
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For those of you who prefer to read, here is a transcript of the video:

Hey, it’s Brad Montgomery from Happy Halloween! All right, so I love Halloween for a lot of reasons, but one of them is I get to dress up like a complete idiot and it’s okay. Check out the cool shoes!

All right, so what is my point and what does this have to do with you? The reason I like Halloween, besides the Snickers, is you get to dress up you get to have fun. You’re not only allowed to have fun, you’re encouraged to be a little bit goofy, and when I am speaking to my audiences, one of the messages that we give them, whether we’re talking to managers or to leaders or to entire organizations, we’re saying, ìIf you want to have a better workplace culture, if you want to bring levity and lightheartedness and humor to work, part of it yeah, is mindset, part of it is sort of a mental game, but in the end, it comes down to action. What are you going to do? What are you going to do to create joy and levity and fun in your life?î

So Halloween is perfect. You can act crazy and get away with it. Now, if you don’t feel like acting like a complete dork on Halloween, I don’t really care, but the point remains, and Halloween, I think, emphasizes that we’re allowed to do something, we’re encouraged to do something and if you really want to succeed to make your work culture fun, your family fun, any organization you’re part of fun, it’s going to require action on your part.

All right, Happy Halloween. Trick or treat. My name is Brad Montgomery. There’s more on Woo-hoo!

happinessOk, not exactly.   I’m pretty sure that’s not what the study meant.  Read on…

Happiness at work is a great idea:   it is related to greater employee engagement and — in the end — an increase in productivity.  Besides, who really wants to hate work?

But researchers at Columbia University have linked happiness to health.  To avoid heart attacks, we should add happiness to the list that includes limiting out intake of cigarette smoke and cheeseburgers.

I’m not a doctor, but I’m guessing that this study doesn’t mean we can eat more junk food if we are happy.  But it does lend a bit of power to the notion that investing thought and energy in creating joy and happiness for ourselves and our work environments makes a ton of sense.  How many total miserable jerks out there that exercise regularly and shop in the health food stores, but would never consider trying to make themselves — and their families and workmates — happier?  Ironic.

Here’s an excerpt from the Associated Press:

After a decade, they examined the 145 people who developed a heart problem and found happier people were less likely to have had one.
The study was published online Thursday in the European Heart Journal.
“If you aren’t naturally a happy person, just try acting like one,” said Dr. Karina Davidson of Columbia University Medical Center, the paper’s lead author. “It could help your heart.”

Yeah sure, this stuff is common sense.  But seeing that science proves what we sense (whether you’re Spiderman or a Jedi) to be true is cool.

So…. Pick Happy.   You’ll work better.  And you’ll live longer.   And you can eat more cheeseburgers.   (Ok, not the last one.)

Want to be happier at work?  Want your work culture to foster more levity and more joy? Contact me here about being your motivational speaker or to work with your organization.

Brad Montgomery
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This amazing story about good humor (and good grace) from one of my motivational speaker friends, Barbara Glanz.

In short, the story is about how civilian travelers voluntarily gave up their first class seats to the soldiers flying on board a commercial airliner. It’s hard not to feel good about it.

Check out this excerpt:

…Another young lady was seated in that row, and he img_mil_lgwas able to hear a bit of their conversation. The young man told her that he had just finished a tour in Iraq, was coming home on leave, and then would go back in several weeks.

As they were talking, a woman who had been seated in First Class, came back to the young man’s row, introduced herself, and asked him for his Boarding Pass. A bit puzzled, he handed it to her, at which point she, in turn, handed hers to him. She said, “I would like to trade seats with you.”

The young man immediately responded, “Oh, no, Ma’am, I couldn’t do that.”

She smiled a huge smile and said, “Oh, yes, you can, Soldier. It’s an order!”

So, as everyone around wiped teary eyes, the young man reached up for his backpack and went up to sit in First Class.

Read the entire story here.

What’s my point? We all have it in us to create happiness. And the amazing thing about creating happiness for others is that we end up happier ourselves. Sure, those soldiers felt great to be upgraded and recognized. But the individuals who traded seats with them — I imagine — felt as good or better. They knew they had been kind, and then knew they made a difference.

When you go out of your way to create joy or humor, and when you consciously make the people around you happier, the unavoidable result is more happiness for yourself.

In other words, it doesn’t matter how selfless you are, you end up getting as much as you give. Magic. And it’s very, very cool.

Next time you’re having a crappy day, GIVE some happiness. Buy the stranger behind you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Anonymously send a drink to a young couple in a restaurant. Or make a point to give somebody who never expected it a compliment. “I like your shoes,” goes farther than you probably think. (With some people, it goes REALLY far.)

Want to be happier? Then make somebody else happy. I guarantee it will work.

Need a speaker to talk about happiness as it relates to life and work? Want military motivational speaker? (And I don’t even need first class!) Contact me here.

Brad Montgomery
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How to Use Magic to Make Yourself Happy

Why is being a magician so cool? There are a few reasons, but oneimg_0483 of my favorites is working for special people and wonderful groups.

I recently volunteered for the Jewish Family Services of Colorado and their residences at the JFS Group Home. It was just a casual deal with a couple of dozen folks. But the best part was working with the residents — awesome adults with special needs. By the looks on their faces they had a good time.

But I’m certain that I got the better deal. I was the one who felt great that night. I was the one who laughed the hardest. And I was the one who left thinking it might have been the best show in ages.

What’s my point? If you want to help yourself, help others. If you img_0506want to feel good, make others feel good. To be honest, this is a lesson I often forget. But those great people made my day.

Thanks Kids. It was an absolute pleasure.

Hey! Are YOU looking for a magician, speaker, comedian for your group? (I need a better job title!) I’d love to be your guy…. go to the contact page now.

Brad Montgomery

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If I EVER read another blog post on work / life balance I might gag. wii-logoYes, we all know that we should try to work less, and have fun more, right?

But Wii often miss that Wii not only need to spend time “not working”, but Wii need to spend time purposely “having fun.” In my motivational keynote speeches I encourage people to play and “Act Happy.” It’s  one of those Fake it Until You Make it Strategies. And it works.

My point? Pick something NOW that gets you physically involved in creatingf joy, fun or levity. It might be as simple as leaving a crank phone call for a pal, taking your dog for a walk, or stealing the neighbor-kid’s Wii for a couple of hours.

Wii don’t have a Wii at home, but recently tried one out with some Denver pals. Check out this  short video:

What are you doing today to physically get involved in creating fun?   Come one!  DO SOMETHING!

Leave a comment…. do you think this works?

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Brad Montgomery
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Holy Moly.  Even I can’t believe I’m writing more about how Southwest Airlines uses humor, levity and lightheartedness to ualimprove their bottom line.  I know it.  And you know it.  Humor + work = improved bottom line.

What amazes me is how United Airlines and the other struggling airlines are the only ones NOT learning from Southwest.

Corporate espionage would never be so easy:  United should put a single employee on a Southwest flight, have them notice how the fun attitude of the employees translates to customer satisfaction, and then…. copy them!   No cloak and daggers needed.   It’s not even stealing.  It’s just common sense.

I was just on an United flight and was chatting with a flight attendant about the safety announcements, and whether she thought humor was appropriate.  I’m not at all sure what the “official” policy is, but her understanding of it is that fun is NOT encouraged… or allowed.  And she shared some anecdotal evidence about her UAL peers getting chewed out for trying to make the safety demonstration fun.   Hmmph.   Oh, and guess how her morale was?   Yeah, lousy.

She is a nice woman, but her loyalty to her employer and her customers ends at her paycheck.

I live in Colorado… and as it is a hub for United I fly them a lot.  An awful lot.  An AWFUL lot.  I’m stuck with them.   But I don’t like them.   It’s clear to me that their employee morale is rock bottom.   They are worried for their jobs and future.  They don’t feel like the carrier is on their side.  And their employee dissatisfaction comes through loud and clear to folks like me.  Their customers.  I have dozens of stories about how United could have easily earned my loyalty but instead made my life harder. It’s too bad.  Especially because it doesn’t have to be that way.

They need — to be frank — me.   Bad.  Really bad.  But they’ll never hire me to talk to their staff with ideas about how to connect enjoyment of their jobs to creating an outstanding airline.    They haven’t noticed that the ONLY thing that sets them apart from their competitors is their people.  And their people are unhappy.  Very unhappy.   Just ask that flight attendent.

I don’t hold out much hope for United Airlines.  But maybe it isn’t too late for your organhp-logo-v2ization.

Does YOUR company need to invest in your people’s quality of (work) life?  Do you agree that NOW is the time to make sure they are at their best, because you simply cannot afford a staff that isn’t fully on board?

[Hey United Airlines! Honestly, you need to hire me, like, yesterday.   Give me a buzz and I’ll help your folks which will help you.  Guaranteed.   Come on, I dare you!]

Go to the contact page and let’s talk about how to ramp up your groups attitudes and loyalty, and how that will create a great impact on your bottom line.

Now, for a contrast… check out what the wacky and  successful Southwest Airlines is doing on board with their customers. Do these customers look happier than those you’ve seen on any UAL flight recently. You betcha. That, my friends, is what you call “a hint.”

Check this Out!

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